Trends I’m totally into: Vintage Hankerchiefs

So one of the wedding trends I have totally got on board with is vintage handkerchiefs.  Purchasing them from ebay has been one of my first major investments into my wedding look (and by major investments I mean I spent about $30 on a slew of handkerchiefs, hey I never said I was made of money).

(pic of my new lovelies from ebay listing)

There are so many things you can do with them.

I mean, how cute is this picture:

Vintage Handkerchiefs :  wedding handkerchiefs vintage hankies hanky bridesmaid gifts accessories Floral Hankies

You can make cute thank you gifts for your bridesmaids:


You can make amazing bunting:


amorology jill thomas love shoot


You can even use them for save the dates and invitations:

vintage handkerchief save the dates

I think I will probably go the more traditional route though and just leave them for “tears of joy.”  Now I just have to figure out how I want to package them.

Wedding Day Details -- Ceremony :  wedding pictures recap 000106 000106
Mrs. Tulip‘s (from Wedding Bee) looked lovely in their bucket


Grow Old Along With Me: It's All in the Details :  wedding pictures pittsburgh pro pics recap 5006314 DD-157
Equally pretty, the lovely Mrs. Cheesburger‘s hankie display

Love the old cigar box!
(via Pinterest)

I’ll be keeping my eye out for more ideas, but for now I am quite happy with my wedding purchase and I think they will be so lovely on display and as a favor for the guests at our wedding (though I am imagining it will probably be more of the female guests who will apreciate it).  And if I have some left over, I could always turn them into a quilt (or maybe just a pillow- not sure how ambitious I will be)


Are you using any vintage handkerchiefs in your wedding?  Any thoughts on how I should display these?


Etching for a fetching sister

As I mentioned here, one of the first DIY projects I undertook was creating a special etched glass to gift to my sister. As a back story, she completely loves a glass my father got as a wedding favor many years ago. She has claimed this glass as her own, even though it is etched with my father’s name. I wanted to give her something of her own that would be similar to this treasured vessel of Kahlua Sombreros.


Armor Etch Glass Etching Starter Kit
Obviously, you do not need the kit, just the glass etching cream but since I didn’t need a lot this was cheaper for me than buying the 10oz. glass etching cream.

Lolita Stemless Wine Glass, Pointelle
Again, use any glass you would like. I liked this because it was reminiscent of the “special Kahlua glass” and I liked the painted dots better than the other options for my sister. I also wanted to find a “fun” glass that had plenty of room for etching and this fit the bill.

I also used some silver vinyl to cut with the cricut (similar found here), but you could use contact paper or even painters tape if you were just stenciling some letters. You obviously do not have to use the Cricut for this either.


I followed this tutorial pretty closely.

Once I selected the font, it was really a pretty simple project. I just cut the vinyl with the Cricut. It’s important to just cut through the vinyl, no need to go all the way through the backing as well. I didn’t have transfer tape and that probably would have helped with getting the letters transferred over to the glass better, but it worked fine just putting in the triangle for the “A”.

I just applied the vinyl stencil to the glass, being very carefull to avoid any air bubbles near the letters I was going to etch.

As you can see, there were some wrinkles and bubbles on the glass, but as long as the letters are securely on the glass it doesn’t matter so much. The masking tape is covering an earlier failed attempt at cutting out the letters- hence the note about not having to cut all the way through the backing. Lesson learned.

Then you just cover the letters in a THICK layer of etching cream. Don’t skimp on the etching solution, even though it is costly. You want a decent amount of coverage.

I let it sit for about 3 minutes. In my experience, it depends on the type of glass how long you should let it sit for. The instructions I had said 1 minute, but that didn’t work in my “trial run” so I upped the time and 3 seemed to work well for me.

Then you are going to rinse ALL of the etching cream off. Make sure to get it all off and be careful to avoid touching the cream because it will burn your skin if you aren’t careful. I probably should have worn gloves but I’m just a risk taker and did it without. Oooh, such a rebel.

The finished product.

I like how quick and easy this was but that it makes a big impact and really personalizes it. I may be breaking out more glass etching for gifts for people in the future.

Did you try any new DIY projects that you found amazingly simple? Have you etched anything and, if so, how did it turn out?

Asking the Bridesmaids

I asked two very special people to be my Bridesmaids, my sister and Maid of Honor A and Mr. Fenway’s sister, K. It was important to me to keep the bridal party intimate. I wanted to come up with a special way to ask each of “my ladies” and I hope that each of them liked the small way I had of asking them.

First, I made each of them a homemade card.

Supplies- scrapbooking pages and embellishments from Walmart, other craft supplies previously owned.

Front of card

Inside of the card with a poem that reads
“It’s hard to believe that in just a little while
Mr. Fenway and I will be walking down the aisle.
Nothing would give me more joy and pride
Than to have you there by my side.”
(*Names blurred for privacy)

Final details added and a close up showing the cuts made to backing paper using “fancy” scissors

Back of the envelope (which was hand delivered)

By the time I made the second card, I had learned NOT to use glue and to use double-sided tape to adhere the decorative paper with the wording, but you get the idea.

For my Bridesmaid, I wrote out a note and gave her the 27 Dresses DVD.

The note reads “I promise to never ask you to wear a bridesmaid dress like any of the ones in this movie.”

For my Maid of Honor, I made a similar card (obviously changing the text inside to ask if she would be my MOH instead of Bridesmaid) and included a few little gifts for her.

Pearl earing and necklace set from, Lolita stemless wineglass which I personalized with her name etched into it (more on that in a later post) and the Made of Honor DVD.

I was lucky in that both ladies said yes! I can’t wait to celebrate with them and I am honored to have them standing up next to me on our big day.

Did you do anything special to ask your ladies (or gentlemen) to stand up with you?

Venue Search: We have a winner!

So after careful deliberation and discussions with my parents as well as a few late night talks with each other, we decided on …

Brooksby Farms Smith Barn!

I think it is perfect for us, it fits our “rustic elegance” theme and I am so excited about all the DIY projects I am already planning that will fit in well with this venue. It also helps that Mr. Fenway’s friend got married here and has offered us a slew of advice so far. I can’t wait to see how it will all come together, and there is so much inspiration on the web already. Just look at some of these pretty pics:

apple place cards- so cute!

Burlap table runners and herbs in the napkins- perfection! I love the amnesia roses too, but a bit summery for our wedding.

So pretty at dusk!

Source for three photos above

Pretty in daylight too!

The getting ready room- so charming!

Such a pretty barn!

Hope we can have a cheese display that looks half this good! Mmm cheese!

More prettiness!

Farm at sunset!

Great shot!

Ceremony and Reception sign are too cute!

Source for eight above images- this wedding was even featured on The Knot!

Look at the pretty fall colors!


so romantic

Just love it.

Source– above two images


We’re so excited to see how our wedding turns out! I love all the little details in each of the above weddings, I can’t wait to work on creating the details of our wedding that will make it so special. I think the barn is perfect for us- we wanted something that wasn’t too traditional. We also want a laid back feel to our wedding, but not necessarily a casual feel, and I think Smith Barn captures that feeling well. It was a tough decision and there have been some questions along the way as to whether or not this truly was the best place for us (as it was more costly than some places we looked at, but also less costly than others). It was also the venue we had the quickest tour of and got the least amount of information from, but we are figuring it all out as we go along. We are very happy with our decision though, and are having fun with moving forward in making more wedding plans with our date and venue firmly in hand.

Did you “just know” when you and your significant other found the right venue, or was it a more challenging process?


Miss something?

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