The Proposal Story

Even though I knew a proposal was likely I was still totally surprised when it actually happened.

On July 28th, we had made plans to go to Charly’s on Newbury Street for dinner to eat Prime Rib outside. We had made these plans weeks before and I would be lying if I said the thought of a proposal didn’t cross my mind, but I tried not to focus on it. We had an incredible meal and then we went to J.P. Licks for desert (since I had a free sunday there for my B-day). It was really good and the best part was the jazz band that was playing right outside. We were sitting off to ourselves a little bit and they started playing Treme’s Song from the HBO show Treme that we watch. It was really cool but I knew that nothing would probably happen there because Mr. Fenway is a pretty private person.


We walked home and had the usual discussion about who’s turn it was to walk Youk (it was Mr. Fenway’s- but he was trying to make me do it- now I know why but at the time I was pretty much just ready to be home). He also told me that part of his plan hadn’t happened yet so not to expect an engagement. This totally got me because he has told me in the past he had plans to propose but was postponing them until part of his plan came together. So I was admittedly a little disappointed but totally convinced that this was not the night. When we got home, he asked me to pour him one of our homebrews so it could warm up a little (warming the beer helps more of the flavors come out) while he was out walking the dog. I thought this was a little weird (like why couldn’t he just pour the beer himself for goodness sake) but it’s not totally out of the norm so I didn’t really think much of it. I changed into PJs and was watching TV on the couch because he said he wanted to spend some time together. I almost ruined all his planning because all I wanted to do was read a little bit and go to bed, not stay up to watch TV (I may have said something like why do we have to hang out now, we’ve been hanging out all night and I’m tired- yep, I’m good like that). But I begrudgingly agreed to spend more time watching a show with him and was waiting in the living room when he got back with Youk.

Gratuitous Bulldog shot

When he came into the living room, he was holding the empty homebrew bottle (from a trappist ale- one of our “special” bottles) with a message sticking out of it. He asked me how I could have missed the message in the bottle. At this point I thought it was just a note saying something nice because of the timing being wrong again. But when I read the note, it was clearly not this. He told me as I was reading it that “I’ve heard the legends that these messages can lead to pirate’s booty.” He had gone though a lot of work and it was “pirate” like writing on some older looking paper. The note read “To find the treasure ye seek just look in the spot where Pesky sleeps.” So I immediately went to the tub because that is one of her favorite spots, but nothing was there. Then I went to the bedroom but I didn’t see anything there. I looked a few other places and came back to the bedroom where Mr. Fenway took pity on me and told me to look under the covers since pirates buried treasure. Then I found the next “special” bottle with a note that read “Not all treasure is buried, X does not always mark the spot. If you still haven’t found it you should go ask Mr. Fenway (names changed to protect the innocent).” And I turned around and he had the most beautiful vintage ring box from the 1930’s for me and he asked me to marry him. I’m pretty sure I just hugged him and cried a little and he may have had to prompt me to say “yes,” but obviously I did.

Cell phone pic taken right after he proposed (edited to remove name)
please excuse the poor quality

It was so cute and so “us.” I am so amazed by how much work he put into this. I love that he included Pesky in the proposal too (as she was a Christmas present to me from him a few years ago, and Youk would probably have destroyed anything involving him). I am also amazed that my mother kept the secret. Mr. Fenway had called my Dad that afternoon to ask for his blessing (which my Dad of course gave him saying he was already part of the family) and he had also spoken with my mother. I had called my mom on the day of the proposal and she was so good and didn’t give anything away! And how many people get to say they had a pirate themed proposal? I am so lucky!

Better pics are coming, but these are some of the first I took
so they are special to me, even if they aren’t perfect

Did you have a themed proposal or know anyone who did?


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