Engagement gifts for the Groom

Mr. Fenway went through so much thought to put together the perfect proposal for me that I thought it was only fitting to give him a small little something in return. After all, I get to wear this pretty sparkly ring on my finger every day so who is to say he shouldn’t get a little something too!

So pretty!

I got him a few small things that I thought he would enjoy, and one that really spoke to the occasionJ.

Here are the gifts I got him:



(In Navy- Source)
Mr. Fenway frequently contributes to this site so I thought it would be fitting.

And this of course:


I also got him a year subscription to the Beer Advocate magazine. Since that won’t be coming for a few weeks, I made up my own notification.

Easiest DIY ever- take an old version of the magazine and glue cover onto printer paper.
Write a note in pen. Yep- I’m talented like that.

Everything displayed

My brilliant packaging job. Try to contain your amazement.

He was very excited with everything (though maybe the least enthused about the groom book) and really was super appreciative of all the thought that went into this. Oh, and get used to the bottle cap background for any DIY projects. We have limited space in our apartment and the bar (which my friend and I designed and my uncle built for me) is by far the best spot for any crafting.

Did you do an engagement present for your fiancé when you got engaged? Are you in awe yet of my crafting genius?


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