Venue Search Part IV: Publick House

Our last venue of the day on Saturday was the Publick House in Sturbridge, MA. We had a little over an hour and a half before our appointment so we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Publick House restaurant. They have amazing meals there, and their rolls are to die for!

Anyways, here are my pics of the two ceremony/reception options that the Publick House has to offer.

The getting ready/breakdown room for the “Barn” ceremony and reception.
This was my favorite “getting ready” room of any of the places we looked at.

Outdoor Ceremony space. Text added by me to show how close the motor lodge is.

Cocktail hour space in “the stables.” If the weather is warm enough the outdoor area is open as well.

“The Barn” where the reception is held

More views of “the Barn” and a look at the complimentary lantern centerpieces


Getting ready/breakdown room for Garden Ceremony and Reception

Garden Ceremony area

Cocktail area for Garden Ceremony and Reception—I love this little barn with bar, so cute!

Tent for garden ceremony with buffet set up outside


Details from this particular set up- I loved their wine box and guest book idea

Proximity of tent to parking lot

After all this venue searching we needed a break to go to Buttonwood Farms for their amazing sunflowers and some delicious ice cream.


  • Very convenient location, right at the intersection of both 84 and the Mass Pike.
  • They had some rooms in the motor lodge that we could book for our guests.
  • They were clearly very experienced in doing weddings.
  • Prices were reasonable and you got a lot for what you paid for.



  • It isn’t very private. It is a functioning Inn and restaurant, and all of the outdoor ceremony locations are very visible.
  • Your wedding is not exclusive, there are 2-3 different weddings scheduled for every day of the weekend, especially in the fall.
  • While they have a lot of experience, it seemed kind of like a machine with no real “special” feeling to your event since they do over 180 weddings a year.
  • The ceremony space was not as pretty as some of the other places we looked at.



  • There is not much flexibility. Only one choice of catering (the restaurant) with everything clearly indicated. They even have suggestions for who to go to for flowers and have an added package which would cover everything (flowers, DJ, etc) except for photography. You could make planning very easy and just take this package.

Overall, we liked it. The food there was incredible and they gave us bags of sticky rolls to take home which was a nice touch. We liked the Barn Reception with the outdoor ceremony. It would be very easy to plan a wedding her, and it is obvious that they have a lot of experiencing with planning. The person we met with here was the most organized and seemed to really love her job. I also liked that there was a bridal “attendant” assigned to you to meet your needs. This was something that was not offered at the other venues we looked at. It seemed like you would be well taken care of at this venue.

Up next, two more venues to go and then a decision!

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