Venue Search V: Gwyn Careg

The first place we looked at on Sunday (the last day of our Wedding Venue Search weekend) was Gwyn Careg Inn in Pomfort, CT. This was fairly local to my parents and most of my family, but a little far off the highway for the rest of our guests.

As usual, all pictures are mine.

Entrance room and Gatsby, the dog
Bar area (portable) and room for potential cocktail hour

Beautiful Grounds- space for tent

More views of the beautiful grounds

View of the grounds and ceremony space (inside walled garden)


Additional view of ceremony space

Some of the rooms/bathrooms

More pics of the rooms and views

Sitting area as you walked in


  • Catered as an exclusive event venue, there was one event per weekend so you could have the inn to yourself
  • The grounds were beautiful and the inn had lots of charm
  • It was closer for my family members to get to


  • There are not a lot of hotels in the area and the inn only had 8 rooms, so most guest would be staying at a hotel far from us.
  • While beautiful, it wasn’t the “Rustic Elegance” theme we were looking for.
  • Because of the size of our wedding we would have to rent a tent, adding on to the already pricey rental fee for the venue.

Overall, we liked this place, but it was out of our price range by the time we added in a tent rental and other necessities. It was a great place for a garden feel wedding but was not really something we could feasibly do. It does offer a nice advantage of booking for the whole weekend, but with only 8 rooms we felt we would have to pick and choose too much who got to stay there. We are looking for a more inclusive wedding feel and want to be able to stay with as many people after as we can. I think for a smaller wedding it would be a really pretty venue, but just wasn’t realistic for us.

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