Venue VI: Woodstock Hill Inn

The final venue we looked at was the Woodstock Hill Inn in Woodstock, CT.

As per usual, all pics are personal.

Exterior shots

Set up for a wedding that day- the tent isn’t normally here

Potential ceremony view

Potential spot for ceremony/cocktail area. Though with a wedding our size the tent would be in this ceremony area and our ceremony would be were the tent was for this wedding. Did you get all that?

Potential indoor dinning

Dance floor

View of ceremony space from one of the guest rooms

Guest rooms

Another guest room with a super pretty desk

Dinning room


  • The outdoor ceremony space was beautiful
  • You got a lot of value for your money
  • The inn there had gorgeous rooms (with TVs!)
  • The inn itself had a lot of charm
  • The cakes provided with the package were amazing


  • It was far away from other hotels and it would split up the wedding a lot.
  • For a wedding of our size, we would have to rent a tent for an additional $5000, making it out of our price range
  • While very nice, it didn’t exactly have the feel we were going for.

Overall, we really liked it and were sure that this would be a great place for a wedding. However, with a wedding of 150 people, the added price of a rented tent was too much. There is also the problem of finding hotels in the area. I think this would be a great choice for someone who was having a smaller wedding or a wedding with less out of town guests. We were amazed at the value of their wedding packages and I loved the charming rooms at the inn. This wasn’t the place for us, but I can certainly see why it would be a great choice for people!

Up next, what we chose and why.

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