Venue Search: We have a winner!

So after careful deliberation and discussions with my parents as well as a few late night talks with each other, we decided on …

Brooksby Farms Smith Barn!

I think it is perfect for us, it fits our “rustic elegance” theme and I am so excited about all the DIY projects I am already planning that will fit in well with this venue. It also helps that Mr. Fenway’s friend got married here and has offered us a slew of advice so far. I can’t wait to see how it will all come together, and there is so much inspiration on the web already. Just look at some of these pretty pics:

apple place cards- so cute!

Burlap table runners and herbs in the napkins- perfection! I love the amnesia roses too, but a bit summery for our wedding.

So pretty at dusk!

Source for three photos above

Pretty in daylight too!

The getting ready room- so charming!

Such a pretty barn!

Hope we can have a cheese display that looks half this good! Mmm cheese!

More prettiness!

Farm at sunset!

Great shot!

Ceremony and Reception sign are too cute!

Source for eight above images- this wedding was even featured on The Knot!

Look at the pretty fall colors!


so romantic

Just love it.

Source– above two images


We’re so excited to see how our wedding turns out! I love all the little details in each of the above weddings, I can’t wait to work on creating the details of our wedding that will make it so special. I think the barn is perfect for us- we wanted something that wasn’t too traditional. We also want a laid back feel to our wedding, but not necessarily a casual feel, and I think Smith Barn captures that feeling well. It was a tough decision and there have been some questions along the way as to whether or not this truly was the best place for us (as it was more costly than some places we looked at, but also less costly than others). It was also the venue we had the quickest tour of and got the least amount of information from, but we are figuring it all out as we go along. We are very happy with our decision though, and are having fun with moving forward in making more wedding plans with our date and venue firmly in hand.

Did you “just know” when you and your significant other found the right venue, or was it a more challenging process?


Miss something?

Start of the Venue Hunt
Venue 1: Brooksby Farm
Venue 2: Salem Cross Inn
Venue 3: Zukas Hilltop Barn
Venue 4: Publick House
Venue 5: Gwyn Careg Inn
Venue 6: Woodstock Hill Inn


2 comments on “Venue Search: We have a winner!

  1. Congrats on selecting your venue! You picked a beautiful one and will love every moment of the day.

    I received an email with a ping back from your blog and was excited to check it out. I’m glad you found our photos to help with your inspiration!

  2. Since having wedding photography from one of my Brooksby Farm weddings published in The Knot, I have booked over 10 more at the venue. One of my most recent weddings can be seen here:

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