Asking the Bridesmaids

I asked two very special people to be my Bridesmaids, my sister and Maid of Honor A and Mr. Fenway’s sister, K. It was important to me to keep the bridal party intimate. I wanted to come up with a special way to ask each of “my ladies” and I hope that each of them liked the small way I had of asking them.

First, I made each of them a homemade card.

Supplies- scrapbooking pages and embellishments from Walmart, other craft supplies previously owned.

Front of card

Inside of the card with a poem that reads
“It’s hard to believe that in just a little while
Mr. Fenway and I will be walking down the aisle.
Nothing would give me more joy and pride
Than to have you there by my side.”
(*Names blurred for privacy)

Final details added and a close up showing the cuts made to backing paper using “fancy” scissors

Back of the envelope (which was hand delivered)

By the time I made the second card, I had learned NOT to use glue and to use double-sided tape to adhere the decorative paper with the wording, but you get the idea.

For my Bridesmaid, I wrote out a note and gave her the 27 Dresses DVD.

The note reads “I promise to never ask you to wear a bridesmaid dress like any of the ones in this movie.”

For my Maid of Honor, I made a similar card (obviously changing the text inside to ask if she would be my MOH instead of Bridesmaid) and included a few little gifts for her.

Pearl earing and necklace set from, Lolita stemless wineglass which I personalized with her name etched into it (more on that in a later post) and the Made of Honor DVD.

I was lucky in that both ladies said yes! I can’t wait to celebrate with them and I am honored to have them standing up next to me on our big day.

Did you do anything special to ask your ladies (or gentlemen) to stand up with you?

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