The Story of us

So I realized that I have never written our story out yet on this blog and decided that this needs to be remedied.

It all started on a dark and stormy night…

Ok, so not really, but doesn’t that sound like a much better introduction to a romance than it all started on a perfectly fine Friday night of Memorial Day weekend. To be perfectly honest, Mr. Fenway and I “met” online a few weeks prior to our actual first meeting. I generally don’t tell people that part of the story though, I guess because there are still some social stigmas about meeting “online”- not that my story of us meeting in a bar (which is still technically true) is all that much better, at least socially speaking.

Anyway, after a few weeks of e-mails and IM conversations (ah, back in the day when I actually used AOL IM- seems so long ago!) we made plans to meet on May 25, 2007. We met up at Boston Beer Works by Fenway Park (not to be confused by Boston Beer Works at Canal Street, by the TD Garden where the Celtics and Bruins play).

Boston Beer Works, a Boston sports bar and microbrewery across from Fenway Park(Source)

Right from that very first date, I knew we had something special. It was so easy to talk to Mr. Fenway and there were never any of those awkward silences that so frequently accompany any introductory meetings. We talked about anything and everything and closed down the bar (barely paying attention to the Red Sox game that was on that night- they were in playing in Texas and they won, but that’s all either of us remember). Mr. Fenway had plans to go to a concert the next night close to where my apartment was and we arranged that he would call me after the concert and see if we wanted to get together then. I was very surprised that he actually followed through and called when he said he would, but I was already in PJs and bumming out watching movies on the couch with my roommate so I turned down the offer of meeting up that night. I did let him know that we were having a cook out the next day, and invited him to that. He came and I was so excited when I saw him walking up the sidewalk to our apartment, I still get those same butterflies when I see him sometimes and it takes my breath away that I can still feel that way after all our time together.

We have essentially been together ever since that first night out at Beer Works, and we consider the day we met to be our anniversary and celebrate it every year. We made it “official” (first by his asking me and then by our changing our status on Facebook to “In a Relationship with…” which of course everyone knows means it is a big thing) a few weeks later, but there was never any doubt that we were pretty serious about each other right from the start.

While it has not always been smooth sailing and we have had our share of arguments and miscommunications, I wouldn’t trade anything. I often think about how lucky we are to have found each other, as Lord knows we are not perfect people by any accounts, but we are perfect for each other. We tend to balance each other out and complement each other well.

One of the first pics of us- taken about a week after we first met

How did you and your SO meet? Do you tell people an altered version of the story?


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