Will you be my Flower girl?

I wanted to do something special to ask our Flower girls to be in our wedding. We are having three flower girls as I have a few cousins “flower girl age” that are girls, and there are no boys in either of our families that are “ring bearer” age. My twin cousins will serve as our ring bearers/flower girls and another cousin will serve as a flower girl. Before asking, I made sure to check with their parents to ask if it would be alright for their daughters to be in our wedding.

Once I got their permission, I tried to come up with something small to give to our flower girls when I asked them in person or to send to our flower girl who is living in California.

When I found this Disney Princess coloring book on Amazon, I knew it was perfect.

I also picked up a book of paper dolls for the twins at CVS.

Similar to this.

And a hello kitty activity book for our flower girl.


And a few boxes of crayons.

I just put them into craft paper bags with the girl’s names written on them.

The girls graciously accepted our offer to be in our wedding.

The twins, our Flower girls/ring bearers

Our flower girl

Did you do anything special to ask your flower girl(s) or ring bearer(s)?

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