Untraditional Ushers

In making our wedding more “us”, we both wanted to include some of our oldest friends in our wedding. The twist if you will, is that one of my closest friends from back home is a guy, while one of Mr. Fenway’s closest friends from his hometown is a girl. We thought about how to include them, and decided we wanted to ask them to be ushers in our wedding. We liked that we would be able to include them in the wedding party and that their roles would be so similar since they are both similarly important to us. I cannot believe how nervous I was to ask one of my oldest friends if he would be an usher in my wedding.  Luckily, they both said yes!

Always classy. I believe this was for my birthday, one of the unimportant ones like 27 or 28 🙂.

At a wedding with Mr. Fenway’s friend. We can class it up sometimes!

Did you have any nontraditional members of your wedding party?

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