Wedding Inspiration Board

I worked on a “first draft” of an inspiration board (can you tell I am going to school and still writing papers?).

I used Polyvore to work in images, many found from my Pinterest boards as you can see from the sourcing of images below.

I have never worked with this program before but found it pretty easy to use.  The best tip I found was in “Editor” mode to make sure to choose “Keep” from the “Background” menu if the images are showing up a little wonky.  I know I could have done this in Photoshop, but I found it fun to try something new.   I am still working out how to best source things from my Pinterest boards as many sites do not allow you to use Polyvore, but I loved how easy it was to create an inspiration board from the images I had already collected from a variety of sites.

Our current “theme” is “vintage rustic elegance.”  If you ask Mr. Fenway, he will say our theme is “Fall, pumpkins and apples” but he is the one who stated we wanted a “rustic elegant” venue when we were looking.  I added the vintage part because that makes me happy.  I am sure this will change over time, especially after we select/finalize our colors (hopefully this weekend!).   I’m pretty happy with my first draft at inspiration boards though.

Wedding Inspiration Board

Did you come up with your own inspiration board?  Which programs did  you use?

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