Wedding Colors- or How I Finally Have an Answer to One More Question

On Saturday, we took a trip to Paper Source (actually, two Paper Sources since the first location did not have enough copper envelops in the size we needed for our Save the Dates – more on that later).  The trip was not only to get supplies for our Save the Dates (which are slowly coming along, though Mr. Fenway has yet to start on getting the addresses for his side of the guest list, which is OK since I am still working out some glitches on our website that need to be fixed before we send these out), but also to select our colors.

We thought we were so prepared for all the questions.  We knew our date within the first weekend after getting engaged.  We had our venue.  We even had a rough theme of “Rustic Elegance” nailed down.  We thought we were so far ahead of the game and clearly we would be able to answer any questions with ease.  How wrong we were!  No one tells you that if you can field of those first round of questions, there are always more coming.  One of the most common questions (besides if we had a “song”- which we still don’t) was what our colors were.  I was floored.  I had no idea.  We would sometimes say “fallish”- but I wanted something more concrete.  I also wanted something a little more original than your usual browns, reds and oranges. Beyond that, I had nothing specific.

*Side note: I designed our Save the Dates and got them printed while we were still working on our colors.  I wanted to make sure to have plenty of time to put these together as I am into the fall semester with my course and didn’t want to be stressing about class and wedding stuff.  So the Save the Dates were designed in the summer, when I was class free, and printed and are sitting in their lovely lovely (read shipping box) on top of my crafting bookcase just waiting to be assembled and stuffed into envelopes.  The Save the Dates were designed with a brown “fall” theme that works, but only includes hints of the colors we ended up deciding on.

Our Paper Source trip allowed us to play around with different color combinations and see them “in real life” as opposed to guessing how these would all look together based on “swatches” from the paper source site.  Mr. Fenway wanted Navy, and as  my The Knot: The Color issue informed me, Navy was a classic choice.

Originally, I thought I would want Sage as a color.  I love green, after all.   But after looking at the options in Paper Source, I wasn’t sold on this combo for me.  We eventually decided on…

(Source for above swatches)

Crappy cell phone pic showing (sort of) how the colors work together – taken at the Paper Source store

We like how the colors are still fally, yet are unexpected.  They are not traditional, but definitely seem to work together and with our theme (at least to our eyes, I’m sure other people may feel differently).   I am so happy to have this decision crossed off the list.

This post has already gotten quite lengthy so stay tuned for some inspiration boards using these colors coming soon!

Did you have a hard time picking your colors?  Were there more questions than you had prepared for after you got engaged?


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