Registry me this: Crate and Barrel

Mr. Fenway and I started our registry experience at Crate and Barrel. We went to one of their “Wedding Party Events” which was great, because we got the store to ourselves before the customers arrived.


It was right after Steve Jobs died so of course I had to take some pics of the Apple store located a few doors down from our local Crate and Barrel.


And this is the only photo I have of the event itself.   Apparently I was overwhelmed with the prospect of actual matching dishes and glassware without beer logos on it that I totally spaced on taking pictures.  Or getting my fingers out of the way of the one shot I did take.  Fail.


I did take some pictures of our fabulous free gift.


Oooh pretty vase!  Thank you Crate and Barrel, you know how I love me some free stuff!

Overall, I really liked the “hands off” approach of Crate and Barrel.  I have heard that other stores can be quite pushy about what you “should ” register for.  While Crate and Barrel did give an extensive booklet with way more stuff in it than we would ever need, they were pretty great about only offering guidance when we asked for it and not judging us too harshly on our rather random registry.  Again, we registered way earlier than we needed too- because of my obsessive need to cross things off the super long Wedding “To-do” list.  Mr. Fenway was a great sport about it though, and he was actually pretty into picking out the barware and such.  However, we still had to make sure to go to Charley’s  (where we had dinner before he proposed– guess that is sort of becoming a key restaurant for us) and get beer and burgers after spending over two hours looking at dishes, silverware and glasses :-).

Did you participate in any registry “events”?


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