Free Food- Sign me up!

The venue we chose had a limited choice of six caterers to choose from. This was good for me since I tend to get overwhelmed when given two many options. I quickly got to work making spreadsheets and comparing the different companies and their options. Three were quickly eliminated because they were WAY out of our price range. Of the remaining three companies, I tried to make “apples to apples” comparisons, pricing out options including a cheese/veggie platter, 3 passed appetizers, prime rib (or something like that) as the main entrée and including taxes and tips. Of the three, one option was significantly cheaper than the others. I was loath to go based on price alone, however, and we knew that one of the other places was good as they had catered for a friend at our venue.

Luckily, there was a tasting offered and I was so excited because not only was it a tasting, but an “event” for all brides and grooms considering this caterer. This meant that the food would be prepared for a large group, in the same way it would be for the wedding. I know that cooking for a large number of people can often change how things taste, so it was great that we would get to see how things would “really” be.

The Goods:

Stationary Apps Table
The Sign read “Appetizers: Scallops & Bacon, Shrimp Cocktail, Spanakopita, Asparagus under wraps, Tomato & Basil Bruschetta, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Stuffed Mushrooms, Clams Casino Phyllo, Tortellini & Pesto Dip.

My Apps Plate round 1. Yeah, I totally went back for more and this does not included any of the passed apps, of which I may have had one or two (or seven, but who’s counting).

Then it was on to the Entrees:

These were our options, served Buffet Style.

We also had a “second helping” take home platter of Cornbread, Kale and Sage stuffed Chicken, Steak tips, and Vegetable torte (not pictured)

Here you can see the Lone Steak Tip from Round One of Entrées on Mr. Fenway’s plate.

Then it was on to cake and coffee. The cakes were from Konditor Meister .

So pretty

Strawberry Grand Marnier Cake- Mr. Fenway’s pick. This was delish! I can easily see why this is their signature cake.

Chocolate Torte. Which I may or may not have chose only because it included a chocolate covered strawberry- my fav! This was good, but really no comparison to the Strawberry Grand Marnier Cake.

I snapped a few more pictures of some fun table settings they had:

And then we called it a day.

We were so impressed with the quality of the food and the price, that we booked the next day. I have been extremely impressed with their excellent customer service so far, and the owner has answered all of my random e-mail requests promptly and enthusiastically. I have a few “extras” that I plan on adding to our package, and it has been so easy to price those out and make sure that they are in our budget.

We are so glad to have chosen Cloverleaf Caterers for our wedding, and I will be sure to post back with a full review after the wedding, but so far I have been nothing but impressed.

Was finding your caterer and easy process?

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