Searching for Yes to the Dress: Backstory

I started my dress hunt this past weekend- almost a year away from my wedding. I know that this may seem ridiculously early to some people but I do have my reasons. For one, I want to go with my mother and my parents have become “snowbirds” lately who fly down to Florida to escape the New England winters for 2-3 months of the winter. This is probably when I would “traditionally” want to start my search, as bridal gowns can take up to 6 months to come in.

Another reason I wanted to start early is because of my spring class for my masters program. This will be my last class for my program (yay- all that’s left is the minor detail of a thesis) and it is the Field Seminar making it a required course for completion of my program. The problem with this class is that it is on Saturday mornings, for 3 hours. This effectively wipes out most of my time for bridal gown shopping (as most shops are only open on weekdays and Saturdays that I’ve found) and would be extra challenging since I do not have a car and thus have to rely on the Commuter Rail to get me to a stop so I can be picked up my someone in my family. The closest commuter rail after my class would get me in at 3:30, effectively eliminating any chance of looking on Saturdays.

With all that said, I do not regret my decision to start looking early at all. I have a bit of a hard time with decisions (ok, I’m notoriously bad at them). Let’s just say that for both of my proms I bought 3 dresses (with accessories) and decided day of which one I was going to wear and then returned the other two (and unused accessories). Obviously, this strategy will not quite work out so well for a wedding.

I did not go into any of my appointments totally blind though. I watched “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC and figured I might actually be more decisive then some of those brides (although they would totally scoff at my budget at Kleinfeld). I also put together a board on Pinterest of my favorite dresses. I had these available to show the consultants to give them some ideas.

And since every post is better with pictures, here are some of the dresses I thought I would like before trying anything on:

Maggie Sottero Grace Kelly ( My Pin via Google Image Search)

Maggie Sottero Grace Kelly back (My Pin via Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses)

David’s Bridal VW9768 (My Pin via David’s Bridal– this image no longer on site)

Lovely Bridal (My Pin via Wedzu)

Enchantador Gown by kt jean (My Pin via Wedzu)

(My Pin via Reemacra)

(My Pin via 100 Layer Cake)

Did you start your dress hunt early? What was the reason?


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