Searching for Yes to the Dress: Day 1

A few weeks ago, I spoke with my mother and sister and we figured out two weekends to go look at dresses. The first was the weekend of the 15th and the second the weekend right after it (which my sister would not be able to be as involved in due to travel plans and her work schedule- no biggie).

So bright and early on Saturday, we headed over to Loren’s Bridal in Sturbridge (our appointment was at 10 AM- hey- that is bright and early on a Saturday to me). The shop was super cute (but small- def. could only have one bride at a time which made for a real personal experience) and the woman who met us was extremely helpful. She asked about my venue, inspiration and then let us look around to pull some gowns while she pulled some others. The thing I was amazed at was just how heavy these gowns really are! She definitely had an eye for what she was doing, and pulled some gowns that I never would have picked out but ended up loving. It was an exceptional first experience, especially since they “did you up” for every dress you tried on. Each dress was accessorized with a different veil that the consultant carefully chose to compliment that particular dress, and for most gowns she added a silk flower as well. While I never would have thought you could wear both a veil and a flower, it looked really stunning together, especially with the selections she made. It was clear that she knew her inventory inside and out, which was great. I do have to say that their prices were not the cheapest (one dress, for example, was $150 cheaper in Worcester- about 20 minutes away) and they never asked about my budget, so I was definitely trying on gowns a bit out of my price range which was a little unsettling.

They did not allow photos there, but here were my top choices from that salon:

2BE by Elizabeth Darcy: E231033

(which I may or may not have totally psyched by the name of the designer- what can I say I love Pride and Predjudice!)

This was a dress I would NEVER have picked out for myself but I found myself loving it on. It hit at all the right places and the flowers/feathers were such an interesting touch. I did not think I wanted a straight top either, but it actually looked pretty good on. I also totally wanted straps but gave up on that pretty early on after having some disastrous experiences trying dresses with straps on- tall I am not and the gowns with sleeves I tried on were totally for tall girls.

Maggie Sottero- Embrace

I loved the ivory over light gold color which really worked well with my skin tone. It was super flattering on. The sample I tried on made it seem more A line and less fitted than the model in this picture. After seeing how it was “supposed” to look, I wasn’t as big of a fan of it for me. It just seemed a little too fitted for what I was going for.

Justin Alexander 8557

This dress was beautiful on. I loved it more than I thought I would and it looked especially stunning with the veil and hair flower the consultant put on me. This was the one (and only) dress that made my mother tear up (though looking at it afterwards she said she didn’t like it as much- go figure!) While it was super pretty, it was also about $500 over my budget. If it had been the absolute “one” than we probably could have made it work.

While I loved all of these dresses and I felt so pretty in them, none of them gave me that “the one” feeling.

After my appointment, I headed to a friend’s shower (yay for day of wedding related festivities- even if some of them weren’t mine lol) and then went with my mother and sister to look at a Super Sale of a store that was closing near our hometown. While I’m sure the shop was nice when it was “in business” it was a lot harder to try on gowns here as I had to get my mother and sister to zip/lace me into the gowns. Since it was a closing sale, only the samples were for sale and I didn’t find any I really liked or any that fit me well enough so while it was fun, it was not one where I came out with a “favorite” from. I had another appointment scheduled for the next day though so it helped to give me more ideas of what I did and did not like.

Did you have success on your first day out?

Miss something?
See the back story on why I started my dress search so early


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