Searching for Say Yes to the Dress: Day 2

Day 2 was an early day again, but this shop was much closer. We started the day by breakfast out at Bill’s Bread and Breakfast an awesome bakery/breakfast place (apparently they have lunch too, but I think of it for breakfast since that is always when I have gone- their muffins are so good btw- totally check it out if you are ever in Putnam, CT) with my Dad and my sister’s boyfriend joining us before we went our separate ways (since they had no interest in the dress shopping).

We went to the Trink-et Shoppe in Danielson CT, a store we have been frequenting on and off for years (some of those many prom dresses came from here) and they have recently (in the past 3 years I guess- that’s recent to me) started doing bridal along with the formal they had been doing.

The woman her was super nice and very helpful. Again, you got to go through and pull your own gowns to try on. She kind of let you do that more than some of the other places and she would help lace me in and zip me up which was nice. Again, you got a lot of personal attention here and she even opened up the store 2 hours early for my appointment (and I used all of those 2 hours- there are a lot of dresses!). This place let you take pictures. Please forgive my face/pose in most of these. I need some lessons on how not to pose in the most unattractive way ever before my wedding.

If you don’t want to see me in any wedding dresses:

Here are the ones that didn’t the cut (some I tried on knowing they weren’t really contenders, some I thought would be but totally were not):

Maggie Sottero- Jennifer in Alabaster
See the model pic here

This one actually made the list which is why I know what it is. Looking back though, I don’t quite know why it made the list as it wasn’t a real favorite of anyone. I think I just liked the color.

Maggie Sottero- Victoriana
Model Pic here
Note: I could be wrong on the style name.  As I did not pick this as a finalist I didn’t get the name from the salon.  This is my best guess based on looking at the website.

This was way to formal for our outdoor rustic affair, but it was fun to try on.

Alfred Angelo 2010

Alfred Angelo 2010

See some model pics here
Note: I could be wrong on the style name.  As I did not pick this as a finalist I didn’t get the name from the salon.  This is my best guess based on looking at the website.   Also this dress does not seem to be available on the Alfred Angelo website anymore so it’s probably good I didn’t want it since the sample would have required some serious alterations.

Eh, I think my face says it all in this one. It just wasn’t doing it for me.  I did like the buttons on the train though

Alfred Angelo 1774NT
See the model pics here
Note: I could be wrong on the style name.  As I did not pick this as a finalist I didn’t get the name from the salon.  This is my best guess based on looking at the website.

This one was certainly lighter and easier to wear than many of the others, but I wasn’t really looking for a short dress. It was still fun to see something different on though.

Ella Rosa LE829 in white front

Ella Rosa LE829 in white back

This one actually made “the list” too, but I think mostly because it made my waist look small and I’m vain like that. It was also on sale as a sample and a quick online search showed this was a “limited edition” that was no longer available. It was also white which is not quite the right color for my skin tone. The front was pretty, but maybe too formal for my wedding. In the back I loved the buttons but did not like the wide corseting. It really didn’t stand a chance at being “the one” except for it’s fabulous price (I LOVE a bargain).

Maggie Sottero Karena Royale
See model pics here

Again, not so much. I thought I would really like it (Yay lace) but on it did nothing for me. The color was pretty though.

I also tried on a “Kate Middleton Dress” from Allure but there are no pics of me in that. The lace was super itchy. The top part was really pretty though without the lace sleeves. It was fun to try on even though I knew that wouldn’t be “the one.”

Here were the contenders:

Ella Rosa BE61 in Ivory/Silver Front

Ella Rosa BE61 in Ivory/Silver Back
See model pics here

This gown was VERY light compared to the others. It was also on Super Sale because the shop was no longer carrying this line. In order to get the sale you had to by the sample. While I did like how it looked from the front (except for the gaping top which I was assured could be fixed) I really didn’t like the way the corset looked in the back. It seemed to accentuate my hips as it flared out there. Looking back I think it was more a contender because of its price rather than for the dress itself.

Maggie Sottero- Malina in Ivory front

Maggie Sottero Malina in Ivory Back

See model pics here

Obviously this is not the right size, but I still liked it. The lace overlay was really pretty on it. I loved the detail on the belt in the front too.

The experience was great. They were willing to let you try on all different styles and it helped me to further know what I did and did not like. The prices here were super reasonable as well. I initially had 4 “finalists” from this store, but after thinking about it a bit and looking at the pictures, two were quickly cut from the list. That’s why it’s great to be able to see pictures of yourself in the dress, I think. It really lets you remember what you did and didn’t like and you can get a better idea of what it looks like to others. While I ultimately don’t think I found my dress here, it was a great experience and the store owner was so super helpful. I love the Trink-Et Shoppe and will definitely be back here again, even if not for my bridal gown.

Did some dresses make your list only to make you wonder why when you looked back on them?  Are  you as easily influenced by the power of a good deal as I am?

*All photos in this post personal, taken by my mother, unless otherwise noted.

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