Searching for Say Yes to the Dress: Day 3

I was having so much fun bridal shopping that I took a personal day on Monday to keep going. (In my defense, I have to use the hours by the end of the year or I lose them, but I really just wanted an excuse to keep on looking.)

Monday started out by a visit to my mother’s “club” for a morning of water aerobics and “land aerobics” classes. This served to show me even more how out of shape I am and how truly pathetic my upper body strength is. (Plus I learned I have very little “core” strength- I should probably try to remedy that in the near future, maybe with that new gym membership?).

After our morning of exercise, we devoted the afternoon to Pronuptia Bridals in Worcester. It was very easy to find, even for my mother and I who are not always good at (read terrible) at finding new places. The women there was also super nice and very helpful. It’s so great to be treated like someone special when you enter a shop. Here, you could pull dresses and they also pulled some for you. It wasn’t a huge shop, but they had a pretty good selection. There were 4 dressing rooms and only one “large mirror” with pedestal to look at so I imagine it could get busy on a weekend, but on a Monday afternoon only one other bride was there so it was not too bad (not too much time waiting to look in the mirror). They also allowed you to take pictures here which I liked. Again, please excuse the awkward head angles and facial expressions. Someone should teach me how to pose for better pictures before our wedding.

If you don’t want to see me in any wedding dresses

Maggie Sottero- Savannah- front

Maggie Sottero- Savannah- back

See the model pics of this dress here
Note: I could be wrong on the style name. As I did not pick this as a finalist I didn’t get the name from the salon. This is my best guess based on looking at the website.

This dress (as I think my face in the first pic shows) was not the one for me. I think it was too formal for our wedding and the one shoulder really wasn’t doing it for me. I did like the smaller corset in the back though- probably because this corset started at my natural waist. And the ruching was great at making me look much thinner (yay- who needs that wedding diet anyway?). Again, a beautiful dress, just not the one for me.

Maggie Sottero Vienna Front view

Maggie Sottero Vienna with veil

Maggie Sottero- Vienna back

See the model pics of this dress here.

I liked this one a lot. It had the lace that I had always thought I wanted and the ruching was subtle but sliming. It also had some sparkle thanks to the clear beading on the dress. I wasn’t so sure about the corset back on this one though. Looking at the pictures I felt like it made me “hippier” (that is so a word) than I wanted to look. It also might have been more lacey than I wanted, too much lace wasn’t doing it for me after trying on some of the other styles.

Maggie Sottero Catarina front

Maggie Sottero Catarina back

See model pics here

Obviously, the front would not gape out like that after it was fitted correctly. I really liked the way this draped in the back and I liked the zip up and crystal buttons more than the corsets- I didn’t like how low the back was though. I liked the lace over the darker satin a lot- it really made the lace detailing stand out more. I thought the large gemstones on the front were a bit much for me though. They distracted me from the rest of the dress. I tend to like simpler more than blingy though, so maybe that’s why. It was really pretty but probably too daring for me to pull off and feel comfortable in for my wedding. It made the list more for the color and the back than for anything else.

Essence of Australia D1006 Front

Essence of Australia D1006 back

Essence of Australia D1006 with veil

Essence of Australia D1006 side view

See the model pictures of this dress here.

This was probably my favorite dress from this shop. In fact, it was a serious contender. I loved the slightly darker color of the satin (pearl) and how it really made the lace detailing pop. It had a little of everything, sweetheart neckline, some beading at the top, satin with ruching and of course the pretty lace detailing. Obviously, again, I needed a different size, but the sample gave me a great idea of what I could expect. I LOVED the back with the lace detail on the train. They did a mock bustle for me and it looked really pretty bustled too. One of the problems I had was that this dress was HEAVY compared to some of the others I had tried on. Also, in looking back at the pictures, it wasn’t as flattering on me as some of the other dresses I tried on. While I liked it initially, the more I tried on dresses at other places and the more I looked at the pictures, I liked it less than I had initially. It is a truly beautiful dress though and had so many of the elements I thought I wanted.

Sidenote: I think it was after this bridal store that I started to re-think the corset back. While I thought I always wanted one (yay- you can eat more and not worry about not fitting into your dress if you gain/loose a few pounds), I don’t think a lot of them looked particularly flattering on me. I have what I’ll generously call an “hour glass” shape, so the corset would go in at the natural waist and then expand again around my hips giving an odd shape to the lacing on the back.

Did you love a dress initially only to look back and realize you might not like it as much as you first thought? Did your vision for what you wanted change after trying on dresses?

*All photos in this post personal, taken by my mother

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