Musical Mondays: First Dance Song?

We think we might have finally decided on a first dance song.  You may remember the Band of Horses Song No One’s Gonna Love You that I posted as a potential song awhile back.

For reference, watch the video below.



While listening to the Cee Lo Green CD with my sister and her boyfriend (while they were bringing me back to Boston after a weekend of dress shopping- thanks guys!) I heard that song again.


While I truly love the original, Cee Lo’s version is much more danceabale (Mr. Fenway and I even tried it out for a bit last night- and determined we might have to work on our dance moves a bit).  It also seems like a good fit for us because Mr. Fenway has been a Cee Lo fan for years (he prefers more of his earlier stuff, which I know nothing about).  It seems like a good way to get the song I liked in a version that he highly approves of.  As of right now, I think this is our front runner song.  I will keep you updated should we change our minds about this :-).

I know there is some controversy surrounding this version from many people who prefer the original version, but different tastes make the world go round and for us, this version makes more sense than the original.

How did you come up with your first dance song?   Did it involve elements that represented a mix of you and  your significant other?


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