Like Mother like Daughter

As part of my dress hunting weekend, I had the chance to try on my mother’s wedding dress from her wedding (which took place in April of 1980).

It fit me almost as though it were made for me.

No need for a bustle when you can carry the train around all night. Look at the high neck on this one- she was really risqué huh?

The best (weirdest?) part of this dress is the back with the train that starts at the neck. You could so have doubled the train for a cape if you wanted.

Another view of the train/cape

front view

It’s just fabulous!

Something else my mother and I have in common is that we both bought relatively cheap dresses (comparatively speaking). Hers cost her about a month’s rent and mine similarly cost me about what I pay for our rent. Not to shabby.

Did you get a chance to try on your mother’s dress? Any similarities between her shopping experience and yours?

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