Guest List by the numbers

I love seeing charts breaking down RSVP numbers, so I thought I would do my own take on that breaking down the numbers of our guest list. (And yes, I am a dork and I am ok with that). I do have spreadsheets further breaking things down, but I will spare you that excitement.

Here are our breakdowns:

Here’s what I got from all the pretty charts. Despite the fact that Mr. Fenway thought he would be inviting more friends and I thought I would be inviting more family, we both ended up about 50/50 with each (my list was literally 50/50 how random). My definition of family was strictly those blood related, so my mom’s college friends and their children fell into my “friends” category along with any friends I have made in my life that I have stayed close with.
Side note: This is another semi-controversial area. I only invited friends that I have kept in touch with somewhat regularly in the past year or so. That means some of my college friends who I haven’t spoken to in a few years didn’t make the cut, even though we were once close, we haven’t remained that close. Conversely, some people I only casually talked to a few years ago made the cut because I have heard from them more lately. More and more guest list drama….

Also what I got from the pretty charts is that I only have myself to blame for going over in invites. I knew I was going to be over, there was just no way I could get my list to 75. With 50 family members, I couldn’t imagine only inviting 25 “friends” who are so important in my life. I did discuss things with my mother who, along with my father, is contributing 75% of our wedding budget and she said that she would be able to help a bit with any guests that went beyond the 150 guests we had budgeted for.

Now, I know this sounds a bit harsh, but I am hopeful that we get about 75% acceptance, which would leave us with about 142 guests (statistically speaking) and would keep us in budget. We do have a few things working in our favor for this, as it is a “destination” for most of our guests and it is a Friday wedding, which some people might not want to take the time off for. We are hopeful that all of our friends and close family make the effort to come and of course would love to have everyone attend, even if it does push us a bit over budget. We could always work a few things out and cut corners other places if it comes to it, and celebrating with family and friends is ultimately the goal. I will be sure to give a breakdown once our RSVPs come in and see how things compare.

Did you do any analysis on your guest list before the RSVPs came in?

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