Finding a Photographer

Photography is extremely important to me. In fact, I started researching photographers well before we were officially engaged (like almost 3 months before we were engaged-whoops). The positive to having done this research beforehand was that we were able to book our photographer within two weeks after choosing our date and venue. This worked well since we were able to get someone for our date, who was in our (relatively low) price range, which can certainly be a challenge as you get closer and closer to that elusive “big day.”

I started with a spreadsheet on Google docs (similar to the one I did for the venue search)

This time my categories included contact info and website, pricing, the rights to the images, hours of coverage, second shooter, prints/albums, engagement session, online gallery, other included, notes

I tried to put the categories in order of what was most important to me, so I could see at a glance what each photographer offered. I had a list of about 34, and narrowed it down quickly to one who met all of our major criteria and some of the minor ones as well.

We chose Hello Love Photography, which is based out of Boston.

I loved the vintage yet classic feel to the photos and the fact that she even shoots some pics in film.

I love the pure joy in this one! Also, the heart confetti is awesome!

What a great moment captured!

Such a sweet first look!

Love this!

Action shots!

All images from the incredible Hello Love Photography.

I am so happy we have this incredible photographer. Not only do we get 8 hours of coverage, but the rights to print our own images, a second shooter and an album.

Did you have a fairly easy decision deciding your photographer? Or was it a hard process?

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