Favor me this: Mulling Spice bags

Early on in the planning process, I thought of the idea of giving mulling spices as favors to our guests. It fits with the “Apple Orchard” vibe of our venue, and would be easy enough for our many out of town guests to tote back with them without taking up too much space. With that in mind, I gathered my inspiration.



Tutorial here

I used three different stamps for this project.

Rolling Alphabet Stamp (Source)

Apple Rubber Stamp (Source)

Heart Wooden Stamp (Source)

The ink pads were Eggplant and Midnight from Paper Source.


I had to saturate the stamp with A LOT of ink to get it to show up right on the cotton bags.

In progress stamping shot courtesy of my iPhone- hence the lovely quality in this and all personal pics in this post.

After I stamped the bags, I heat set each one using my embossing heat gun. This step might not be absolutely necessary, but I wanted to try to ensure the stamped ink didn’t run.

Oooh, ahh, pretty stamped bag.

In process. I stamped all of the bags at the same time, first stamping all the favor bags with the apple, then with Mr. Fenway’s name, then with the heart, then finally with mine. I found working from the bottom up helped me to gauge the spacing better.

Name blurred.

This was one of those projects that I had to “let go” a little bit on. I wanted each bag to be perfect but let me tell you nothing could be further from the truth. I have yet to completely master stamping, as you probably noticed. I am just going to display these bags in baskets or something to be determined later and let guests choose their own. Those who care can rifle through and find the “best” stamped bags, and those who are not as particular can just grab one at random (probably a majority of our guests will fall into the later category, after all a good number are Mr. Fenway’s fraternity brothers and from what I heard about their living conditions in college, they don’t seem the type that will care if they get the perfect favor bag or not. For example, Mr. Fenway’s frequent roommate was Mr. Jingles- a squirrel, an actual squirrel who would “visit” from outside whenever he chose. Maybe it’s just me but the thought of “sharing” my room with various wild animals- Mr. Jingles was one of many “guests” – is not so sanitary).

I picture it being something like this (Source)

Anyways, our bags will be filled with mulling spices from MySpiceSage.com which had the best rates.

Fancy Mulling Spices (Source)

I already bought the spices during a sale, but the bag and the favor bags are now safely tucked away at my parent’s house- away from my lovely but destructive animals, awaiting packaging closer to the actual wedding to keep the mulling spices as fresh as possible. We will just cut out Cheesecloth squares and measure the spices in and tie with twine- easy peasey lemon squeezy. The bags will have tags on them providing instructions as to how to use these lovely spices to mull cider or wine.

Back of tags- Bride and Groom used in place of our names. The logo is a modified version of The Wedding Chick’s downloadable monogram.

Cider instructions- modified from About.com

Did you tie your favors in to your venue? Did you also get your favors done ridiculously early?

*All images unless otherwise noted are mine, such as they are.

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3 comments on “Favor me this: Mulling Spice bags

  1. Casey Luce says:

    Just a few questions:
    1. What size bags did you use?
    2. How much spice did you put in each bag?
    3. How many pounds of spice did you buy and how many bags did you make?

    Sorry for all of the questions… I’m trying to figure out how to do this for my wedding favors. I’ve had no luck finding specifics! Thanks!

    • Breen says:

      I used 3″ by 4″ muslin bags, found here
      I put 2 tablespoons of spice in each bag.
      I bought 5 lbs of spice for 150 bags and had a huge amount left over. I would say 3 lbs would have easily filled 150 bags.

      Good luck!
      Let me know if there is anything else.

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