One of my favorite places to window shop (because sadly I can’t afford many of the items in this store- yet, I’m holding out hope that someday I will) is Anthropologie. When it came to the wedding, I found even more reasons to wander around and take some shots of things that I loved. Especially because one of the places we registered at was Amazon which has the absolutely amazing universal registry where you can add items from any store (and I may have added some of the Anthropologie items to my Amazon wedding registry).

How awesome is this sewing kit? Even more awesome is this tutorial on a knockoff of this $48 anthro kit here.

I love these mugs, used in so many weddings lately. Like the image below:

(Source) So pretty!

Love these drinking glasses

Oooh pretty Paris plate…

Awesome measuring cups

Pretty stackable measuring cups. Is it possible to have too many measuring cups?

Awesome vintagy (yeah, that’s totally a word) kitchen timer.

Cute bowls

I love this apron!

LOVE these coupe champagne glasses (no longer available)

Amazing coasters with the teal color I adore

Pantone pie dish

Cool pencils for the kids, and also an INCREDIBLE copy of Anne of Green Gables, one of my favs. Would it be too much to buy this edition even if I already own two other versions of this book?

And look, more measuring cups. Seriously, how many sets can one have before it is “too much?” I know Mr. Fenway would say I only need one. Darn his practicality.

Did you find any wedding inspiration or items for your registry in Anthropologie?


*All pictures personal unless otherwise noted

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One comment on “Anthropologie

  1. Susan says:

    I love the Paris plate! Was in Anthropology and they had no more left. Marc was going to buy it for me for our anniversary. Have to try again!

    We have great taste, Erin!

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