Party Time, Excellent

My friend L, was so kind to offer her house up for a small Engagement Party for us. It was so much fun!

Mr. Fenway admiring one of our gifts from our fabulous friends.

Our fabulous hostess!

oooh classy, wine in actual glasses. How times have changed since college.

Group Shot! Mr. Fenway surrounded by beautiful women 🙂

Our friends were super generous and got us each a “survival kit” for the wedding day including things like deodorant, band aids, Tylenol, etc. Unfortuntaly Mr. Fenway was too quick for me and put all of our itmes away before I had a chance to do a photoshoot with them. You can see the cute bags they came in (sort of) on the side of the couch in the picture above.

Mr. Fenway did have fun doing a photoshoot with our Bride and Groom specialty beers that we got as well.

Bride Beer

Groom Beer

Detail Shot

Groom Detail Shot


Showing the beers

Bride detail shot

At this point I was pretty impressed with Mr. Fenway. I had just turned him loose with my Camera after a quick lesson on how to use it. But then I kept going.

* sigh, guess I shouldn’t be surprised. He can’t be all classy after all : )
(There are multiple shots of this as well, but I figured I would spare you all those)

Thanks again to my friends for their generosity, and especially to L who did such a great job hosting! It was perfect and we had so much fun with everyone!

*As a thank you gift for hosting, we got L “A Muppet Christmas Carol” on DVD, a favorite of ours when we watched it on VHS in college. Man that makes me feel old!


Was your engagement party a small gathering of friends? Did your significant other surprise you with any hidden talents (like photography)? Does the Muppets Christmas Carol remind you of college- or was that just my random friend group? (I am guessing the Muppets thing was pretty much just us).

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