Craft Fairs are to Weddings…

We were actually able to return to visit our venue, Brooksby Farms, in November, about a month after our wedding will be taking place. They were having a craft fair so I didn’t take any pictures of the barn (since it looks a lot different with craft booths set up instead of tables), but it was great to get to see it in the Fall and get an idea of what it might look like when we are there “for real.”

Sign by the house with the room I will be “getting ready” in

Nathan Felton House, where the ceremony will be behind

The Barn

Barn sign

More signage- this is a historical site in case you missed it.

Farm stand

Apple weathervane- so cute!

It was great to see the venue in the season of our wedding to get a real idea of what it will be like. Also we got some amazing apple pie and incredible apple cider doughnuts- and craft fair! Win win for me, at least Mr. Fenway liked the treats :). We went with my family too so it was cool to get my sister’s take on the venue as she had never seen it before.

Did you “visit” you venue for any events after you had booked it?

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