Supporting Small Business Saturday

In case you didn’t know about it, the Saturday after Thanksgiving is referred to as “Small Business Saturday,” a marketing push that is geared towards getting consumers to support small, local businesses (more on that here). As a consumer, I made sure to do my part in the days after Thanksgiving by not only participating in Black Friday shopping (not a fan of the switch to Midnight instead of 4 AM btw), but also in Small Business Saturday (and Still Shopping Sunday- ok I made up that last one). Since my sister hadn’t seen me in my dress yet, I made an appointment when I was home over Thanksgiving break to pop in and try on the dress on Saturday morning. Luckily, my sister approved. Of course while I was there I was coerced into trying on a veil- torture I tell ya- and I ended up buying it on the spot since as a part of Small Business Saturday, all veils and accessories were on sale for 50% off. Yep, that’s right half off.

Not that he reads this, but just in case:



Veil with the dress- small sneak peak before alterations

front view, again before alterations to the dress

Since I got such a great deal on the veil, I was more willing then I would normally be to spend some extra money on hair jewelry. Ok, the technical term is tiara, but hair jewelry seems more appropriate to me.


While normally I would shy away from gold, it actually blended in well with my hair color and seemed to go well with the dress as well.
Sidenote: I am not sure I would have purchased this if it wasn’t on such a great sale and certainly not without the persuasion of the people who worked there.  I am wondering if I made a good choice with this, but it does make the veil look better and when I tried on the veil with and without it, I certainly liked it better with the “hair jewelry.”  I would caution other brides-to-be to try to avoid getting caught up in the whole but-it-makes-the-look-and-its-such-a-good-deal purchases at the bridal store.  Because chances are, you can get something better on Etsy even cheaper than the awesome sale price.  At least I resisted the jewelry that really wasn’t me though.  It’s amazing how good those bridal consultants are at their job, they are subtle but all of a sudden you are getting all kinds of things you didn’t know you needed.

For someone who has such a hard time making decisions, it seems the magical key word is wedding. Suddenly if it is for the wedding I have no problem making decisions in record time. Huh, who knew that’s all it took.

Did you get anything for your wedding (or for anything else) on Small Business Saturday?

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