Engaged Christmas

This was the first and only engaged Christmas we will have and I love that we have two different ornaments that will remind of us of this event every Christmas to come.

This ornament we bought ourselves on our trip to one of the pop-up shops full of Christmas Ornaments (2 Floors of it!) that appears in Faneuil Hall every December.   The personalization was free (yay!) and I loved the heart and that it includes our actual engagement date so we can always remember- at least when we see this ornament :-).

This was a Christmas present to both of us from my mother.  I LOVE the Penguins- so cute!  I love the personalization on this ornament too.  So thoughtful!

Did you do anything special to mark an “engaged” holiday or other special occasion?

*All photos taken by my iPhone and edited to remove personal information.


Kidletts at the Wedding

I know this is yet another controversial subject, and in fact it has been controversial even for Mr. Fenway and I. First of all, let me say that we are having a kid friendly wedding. I have already started stockpiling some ideas for our younger guests (more on that later). The controversy Mr. Fenway and I had were just how many kids to invite (he wanted more, I wanted less). In the end, we just agreed that all “kids” high school age or younger were invited.

That said, I am really hoping to have some great moments with the kids on the dance floor.




And I am hoping nothing like this happens:


Are you having kids at your wedding? Was it a controversial decision or not?

Musical Decisions

One of the biggest things we cut in order to stay on track in our “budget” (relative term, I know we are spending more than some but still well under the national average for our area) wedding was a DJ. We did this for many reasons. One, we wanted to have control over the music and an iPod wedding allows us to do this. Two, DJs, especially inexpensive DJs, can be, for lack of a better word, tacky. I know that there are many great DJs out there, but they cost money (as they should) and we were looking to save, not spend. Three, a friend of mine did this for her Fall 2011 wedding and it was amazing, people were on the dance floor the whole night so we know that it can be done successfully. With that in mind, we decided that an iPod wedding was right for us.

We did know that we wanted to have someone fun to do the announcing for us. Mr. Fenway and I are planning a really personalized wedding, and we wanted the announcements to be more of the same. When we discussed friends who would be good in this role, we quickly came to the conclusion that my former college roommate M would be amazing in this role. She is always hilarious and you never quite know what she will say next. Lucky for us, she graciously agreed! I can’t wait to hear what she will say; as I am sure it will be totally random and completely awesome.

Former college roommate M
(personal pic)
Even more hilarious when you know she’s completely sober (as per usual).

Did you have any friends do the announcing for your wedding? Did you have an iPod wedding or have you ever attended one? How did it go?

Ordering up an Officiant

Mr. Fenway and I were both raised in the catholic church but we were both 100% positive that we did not want a church wedding. For one thing, we wanted an outdoor wedding to enjoy (hopefully) the Fall foliage (and our venue search included only places that had an outdoor ceremony option). For another, we have had various issues with the doctrines of the church which do not reflect our personal views, and therefore we did not feel comfortable with having our wedding preformed in a church with a religion neither of us firmly believes in any more. We are in a “transitional” mode, and have not found another church or religion that we are committed to, so we knew that we would need to have a non-denominational officiant.


Because we are getting married in Massachusetts, we have a unique opportunity. Massachusetts has a “One-Day Marriage Designation” (more on that Designation” (more on that here) where anyone can be registered to solemnize a marriage. I know other people have had friends and/or family enroll in things like the Universal Life Church to become official “ordained” but I haven’t heard of anyone personally that has used the Massachusetts One-Day Marriage Designation. It seems pretty straight forward, requiring the couple to be preforming the ceremony in the State of Massachusetts and just requires the “applicant” to fill out a form (found here), send in a letter of character reference which cannot be written by the people getting married, and must be over 18 and not a clergy member from another state. The application must be mailed no earlier than 3 months and no later than 1 week before the wedding, with the ideal about 6 weeks before the wedding. There is also a fee of $25.

With this information in mind, Mr. Fenway and I decided to ask a friend to preform our ceremony for us, giving us the ability to personalize our ceremony and have a more meaningful officiant. Luckily, Mr. Fenway’s friend agreed to serve as both groomsman and officiant, so we were extremely lucky!

I will make sure to keep you posted on the One-Day Marriage Designation process as we go through it, and let you know how it all works out.

In the meantime, Mr. Fenway and I have started to craft our wedding ceremony (more to come on that) and are so excited to have another thing to cross off our list.

Did you have a friend preform your ceremony? Do you have any experience with the One-Day Marriage Designation in Massachusetts- is it really as easy as it seems?