Musical Decisions

One of the biggest things we cut in order to stay on track in our “budget” (relative term, I know we are spending more than some but still well under the national average for our area) wedding was a DJ. We did this for many reasons. One, we wanted to have control over the music and an iPod wedding allows us to do this. Two, DJs, especially inexpensive DJs, can be, for lack of a better word, tacky. I know that there are many great DJs out there, but they cost money (as they should) and we were looking to save, not spend. Three, a friend of mine did this for her Fall 2011 wedding and it was amazing, people were on the dance floor the whole night so we know that it can be done successfully. With that in mind, we decided that an iPod wedding was right for us.

We did know that we wanted to have someone fun to do the announcing for us. Mr. Fenway and I are planning a really personalized wedding, and we wanted the announcements to be more of the same. When we discussed friends who would be good in this role, we quickly came to the conclusion that my former college roommate M would be amazing in this role. She is always hilarious and you never quite know what she will say next. Lucky for us, she graciously agreed! I can’t wait to hear what she will say; as I am sure it will be totally random and completely awesome.

Former college roommate M
(personal pic)
Even more hilarious when you know she’s completely sober (as per usual).

Did you have any friends do the announcing for your wedding? Did you have an iPod wedding or have you ever attended one? How did it go?

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