Video me this

To be honest, I really wanted a videographer. I LOVE watching professional wedding videos and I am so moved by the emotions professionals can cram in to a 2 minute highlight video. But, unfortunately, this was way out of our budget. Inspired by sites like Storymix , when Groupon offered a great deal on Flip cameras, I jumped on it and bought two.


Then black Friday came around, and there was another great deal on an HD camera so I bought that one as well.

Although mine is Red

I am hoping that I can take footage shot by family and friends either from these camera’s or their own digital devices and edit together my own video. I have taken a few video editing classes and even have experience in editing a wedding video:

This was my “rough cut” of my parent’s wedding video highlight. Their wedding was originally shot on Super 8, then converted to VHS, which I then converted to digital form to create a DVD for their 30th Wedding anniversary (including this highlight, the full ceremony/reception uncut, and my “edited” version of the full wedding along with a slide show of their professional wedding pics).

I’m hopeful that I will be able to take footage of our wedding a create a DVD that I can look at and that my children can look at 30 years from now (on that totally outdated DVD).

What do you think- is this a crazy plan?


Shoes fit for a Groom

I knew that if there was one thing Mr. Fenway would care about, it would be his shoes. He has amassed quite the collection of sneakers (over 20 pairs at last count), all of them Adidas Shelltoes (a style name I definitely did not know about before I met Mr. Fenway).

This is a classic example of Shell toe Adidas. Mr. Fenway has at least one “classic” pair at all times. If you see him any time he is not at work, it is pretty much a guarantee that he will be wearing this style of shoe, but probably in more outrageous colors.

I was right. He had quickly decided he wanted a pair of “cool” shoes, and ideally the shoes from the opening credits of Boardwalk Empire. See the opening credits here, the shoes appear for the first time at the 14 second mark.

The infamous Nucky Thompson shoes.

A google search determined that they were the Forzieri two-tone wing tips, available here for a mere $630.

They were definitely out of our price range so the search continued. Mr. Fenway looked at Cole Haan and found a number of shoes that he liked there, particularly in the Oxford style. He waited for a 20% off sale and then bought the two-tone Air Colton Saddle Shoes. It’s a good thing he did too because they are no longer available. Now for the fun part, I present to you Mr. Fenway’s shoes.



I think they look great and not a far cry from the Nucky Thompson shoes he originally wanted. What do you think?

Was your significant other concerned about his/her shoes for the wedding day?

2 shoe bride

I knew that as much as I loved my Kate Spades, I would never last in them all night. So I was on a mission to find a cute pair of flats or flip flops to change into at the reception.

(Source– from listing)
I loved these Vivienne Westwood gold flats, but even at a discounted price on Ebay, they were still more than I was looking to spend on my “backup” shoes.

I thought about finding a cute pair of flats and adding these fun heart shoe clips.

These gold bow shoe clips were pretty awesome as well.

(Source– no longer available)
These purple shoes from Rocket Dog would be a fun nod to our Fig color.

In the end, I ended up finding a cute pair of flats perfect for our wedding at TJ Maxx when I was visiting my parents one weekend.

The Jessica Simpson Lepolia in Bronze was perfect. The color is a close nod to our “copper” color and I can definitely see myself re-wearing these a lot after the wedding (a clear bonus). I loved the embellishment too making them “fancy” but not too over the top. They were also about $35 making them a great deal. Enough of my rambling, here are the pics:



Did you find your wedding shoes (either your only pair or back up pairs) in an unexpected place?  Do you/did you have more than one pair of shoes for your wedding?

Wedding Shoe Decisions

I ended up ordering two of the pairs of shoes mentioned in my previous post from Let me take a moment to say how much I love Zappos- their free shipping, VIP turnaround time of 1 day and free 365 day returns are amazing!

The first pair I ordered were the Melissa for Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Lady Dragon shoes in pink with Bronze heart.

(image from– no longer available)

They smelled amazing. Yeah, I know- totally random but they smelled like bubble gum. They were also super comfortable and I could easily see wearing these all night without a problem. I also liked that they would be easy to clean which might be good after walking around the grounds of Brooksby Farms. Anyways, here are my pics of them.

Oooh pretty box

Forgive the horrible mosquito bites on my feet- I am super allergic. So pretty right?

(all photos taken with my iPhone Camera plus app- apologies for any wonky coloring)

I really liked these shoes. They were way more glittery in person than from the pictures online. The only think I didn’t like was the way my toes looked in these shoes- they looked squished, not the best look.

The next pair I got by signing up for Zappos’ “Back in Stock” link where they e-mail you if the shoe in you size arrives back in stock. When I got the e-mail, I pounced on it figuring with their amazing return policy I could always return if I didn’t like them. The second pair of shoes I got were the Kate Spade New York Dreamer Shoes:

(image from– no longer available)

I’ve never owned shoes that had their own bag before.

Glittery heels

And you can see the shinny subtle gold of the shoe

(again, personal pics taken with my Camera Plus App on my iPhone- apologies for the poor quality)

I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get them out of the box to take pictures. There is no Kate Spade box because these were returns and the box got damaged, but I can live without the pretty shoe box. These shoes were also super comfy. I was a little more worried about how well they would do walking around with the glitter on the heel and the fact that the shoes were suede, but ultimately, I couldn’t resist them. The gold was also more subtle in person than it was in the Zappos pictures. I LOVE these shoes even more in person. Every few weeks I take them out of the box to visit with them. I can’t wait to wear these on our wedding day.

Did you fall in love with your wedding shoes and have to “visit” them before the big day?

Wedding Shoe Inspiration

Even though it goes against all advice, I bought my wedding shoes before my dress. To be fair, I picked shoes that would hopefully “go” with a lot of different dresses, but mostly I picked them because I loved them. I know there are differing opinions on how important the wedding shoes are, especially with a long dress. I, however, think that they are very important. These were one of my major splurges. As Mr. Fenway reasoned with me, it is one of the few times in my life that I can justify getting designer shoes. Thanks for reasoning with me Mr. Fenway, I love it when your reasoning persuades me to buy pretty things!

When I first started looking, I was particularly drawn to heart details on shoes. After all, this is also one of the few times when a heart detail on a shoe is totally appropriate. I collected quite a few images on my Pinterest Wedding Shoe Board. Here are some of the shoes I was drawn to:

Melissa for Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Lady Dragon shoes in pink with Bronze heart
(image from– no longer available)

Melissa for Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Lady Dragon shoes in Pearl with Bronze heart

Kate Spade New York Dreamer shoes in Liquid Gold
(image from– no longer available)

Stuart Weitzman Heartsling Mist Satin
(image from– no longer available)

Alexander McQueen Heart Peep Toe Skull Pump in Rose Gold
(image from– no longer available)
These were seriously out of my price range but hey, it’s an inspiration board right?

Stuart Weitzman “Chantell” in Gold Chantilly Lace
This might have been upped significantly after I bought a dress featuring Chantilly lace, but I already had my shoes. Spoiler- these are not my shoes, but super pretty nonetheless.

Romantic Soles Dasha
In our “copper” color (sort of)

I actually ordered and tried on two pairs of shoes from this list. Up next, the comparison and final selection of my wedding shoes.

Did you ever consider (or would you consider) buying your shoes before your dress? Which are your favorites?

Paper Source Invitation Workshop

On Saturday I attended my first Invitation Workshop sponsored by one of my favorite places, Paper Source.  It was so much fun.   We had 2 hours to play around with all kinds of tools and even got a sneak peak at one of the three new colors being offered by Paper Source now, Slate.   While the colors are newly available on the website now, at the time (a mere 4 days ago) this was not the case so it was really exciting to get a preview.  The workshop was great, even though I do craft a bit and hand make my Christmas cards every year (along with working on a number of DIY projects for the wedding), it was great to see some different ideas and get some different tips and advice on how to do things.  The big hit of the demonstration was definitely the Xyron.  I am so happy to have this (though I recommend purchasing it from Amazon where it is significantly cheaper than the machine at Paper Source).   It was so much fun to work with other brides and here what their color schemes were and how far along in the process they were.  Apologies for the iPhone pics but I didn’t feel like busting out a camera during the workshop and I could take these much more discretely.

20120111-125533.jpgA look at some of the completed projects and our “work stations.”  Everyone had a self-healing cutting mat, x-acto knife, ruler and paper (that we got to keep) at their stations.  We also got to play with stamps and stamp pads later in the workshop.

20120111-125546.jpgAn example of a decorated gift box.  I loved using all the different Martha Stewart Punches to create bands.

20120111-125557.jpgFig and copper embossing!  I was also excited that we were using one of “our colors” for the workshop.  I loved how the copper embossing looked against the fig.  It was also great to get feed back from other brides and a Calligrapher about our color combination and see that it’s not totally crazy.
Also, please ignore the poorly manicured nails I am currently sporting.

20120111-125608.jpgTable number featuring the new slate color.  I loved the technique we learned here about using the entire stamp pad to stamp a stencil for the number.  It gave it a nice “unpolished” look that really appealed to me.  You can’t really tell here, but there was unequal coverage which gave it a lot of interesting texture.

20120111-130921.jpgA pillow box favor.  I totally took this picture of someone else’s project- but I loved the punched paper with the ribbon.

I had a ton of fun.  I had even more fun spending money on more paper for a project I hope to work on this weekend.  It was all good though because it was 10% off thanks to a coupon given for attending the workshop.  Totally makes it justified.  Right?  Let’s just tell Mr. Fenway that.

Have you attended any workshops dedicated to Wedding projects?  If so, how helpful were they?