Paper Source Invitation Workshop

On Saturday I attended my first Invitation Workshop sponsored by one of my favorite places, Paper Source.  It was so much fun.   We had 2 hours to play around with all kinds of tools and even got a sneak peak at one of the three new colors being offered by Paper Source now, Slate.   While the colors are newly available on the website now, at the time (a mere 4 days ago) this was not the case so it was really exciting to get a preview.  The workshop was great, even though I do craft a bit and hand make my Christmas cards every year (along with working on a number of DIY projects for the wedding), it was great to see some different ideas and get some different tips and advice on how to do things.  The big hit of the demonstration was definitely the Xyron.  I am so happy to have this (though I recommend purchasing it from Amazon where it is significantly cheaper than the machine at Paper Source).   It was so much fun to work with other brides and here what their color schemes were and how far along in the process they were.  Apologies for the iPhone pics but I didn’t feel like busting out a camera during the workshop and I could take these much more discretely.

20120111-125533.jpgA look at some of the completed projects and our “work stations.”  Everyone had a self-healing cutting mat, x-acto knife, ruler and paper (that we got to keep) at their stations.  We also got to play with stamps and stamp pads later in the workshop.

20120111-125546.jpgAn example of a decorated gift box.  I loved using all the different Martha Stewart Punches to create bands.

20120111-125557.jpgFig and copper embossing!  I was also excited that we were using one of “our colors” for the workshop.  I loved how the copper embossing looked against the fig.  It was also great to get feed back from other brides and a Calligrapher about our color combination and see that it’s not totally crazy.
Also, please ignore the poorly manicured nails I am currently sporting.

20120111-125608.jpgTable number featuring the new slate color.  I loved the technique we learned here about using the entire stamp pad to stamp a stencil for the number.  It gave it a nice “unpolished” look that really appealed to me.  You can’t really tell here, but there was unequal coverage which gave it a lot of interesting texture.

20120111-130921.jpgA pillow box favor.  I totally took this picture of someone else’s project- but I loved the punched paper with the ribbon.

I had a ton of fun.  I had even more fun spending money on more paper for a project I hope to work on this weekend.  It was all good though because it was 10% off thanks to a coupon given for attending the workshop.  Totally makes it justified.  Right?  Let’s just tell Mr. Fenway that.

Have you attended any workshops dedicated to Wedding projects?  If so, how helpful were they?


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