Shoes fit for a Groom

I knew that if there was one thing Mr. Fenway would care about, it would be his shoes. He has amassed quite the collection of sneakers (over 20 pairs at last count), all of them Adidas Shelltoes (a style name I definitely did not know about before I met Mr. Fenway).

This is a classic example of Shell toe Adidas. Mr. Fenway has at least one “classic” pair at all times. If you see him any time he is not at work, it is pretty much a guarantee that he will be wearing this style of shoe, but probably in more outrageous colors.

I was right. He had quickly decided he wanted a pair of “cool” shoes, and ideally the shoes from the opening credits of Boardwalk Empire. See the opening credits here, the shoes appear for the first time at the 14 second mark.

The infamous Nucky Thompson shoes.

A google search determined that they were the Forzieri two-tone wing tips, available here for a mere $630.

They were definitely out of our price range so the search continued. Mr. Fenway looked at Cole Haan and found a number of shoes that he liked there, particularly in the Oxford style. He waited for a 20% off sale and then bought the two-tone Air Colton Saddle Shoes. It’s a good thing he did too because they are no longer available. Now for the fun part, I present to you Mr. Fenway’s shoes.



I think they look great and not a far cry from the Nucky Thompson shoes he originally wanted. What do you think?

Was your significant other concerned about his/her shoes for the wedding day?

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