Video me this

To be honest, I really wanted a videographer. I LOVE watching professional wedding videos and I am so moved by the emotions professionals can cram in to a 2 minute highlight video. But, unfortunately, this was way out of our budget. Inspired by sites like Storymix , when Groupon offered a great deal on Flip cameras, I jumped on it and bought two.


Then black Friday came around, and there was another great deal on an HD camera so I bought that one as well.

Although mine is Red

I am hoping that I can take footage shot by family and friends either from these camera’s or their own digital devices and edit together my own video. I have taken a few video editing classes and even have experience in editing a wedding video:

This was my “rough cut” of my parent’s wedding video highlight. Their wedding was originally shot on Super 8, then converted to VHS, which I then converted to digital form to create a DVD for their 30th Wedding anniversary (including this highlight, the full ceremony/reception uncut, and my “edited” version of the full wedding along with a slide show of their professional wedding pics).

I’m hopeful that I will be able to take footage of our wedding a create a DVD that I can look at and that my children can look at 30 years from now (on that totally outdated DVD).

What do you think- is this a crazy plan?

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