DJ my iPod

As I mentioned, we are having an iPod wedding. I found an amazing blog post with some great tips on how to do this successfully here. One thing that I think would be great if we decide to use an actual iPod/iPad instead of a laptop is the DJ Wedding App.

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I love the organization options and the requests features.

Do you have any thoughts on using an iPod app to help you “DJ” your wedding?


Money Money Money: DIY Save the Date Cost Breakdown

Ah the fun part, figuring out what everything cost (just kidding).

The budget breakdown for our Save the Dates was as follows:

100 Standard Postcards (2-sided, both in color, with custom design each side) from Vistaprint- $28.52 (included design fee and standard shipping)
100 Magnets from Vistaprint – $28.54 (included design fee and shipping)
100 (4 packages) Shimmer Copper A2 Envelopes from Paper Source – $12.50 (I used a $25 gift certificate towards this, without it the price would have been $37.50)
250 Zots removable glue dots from Paper Source – $7.90 (I still have tons of these left. They are sold in bags of 125 and I needed 200 (2/card)
5 sheets Gold on Chocolate Mums paper for Envelope liners from Paper Source- $24.75 (totally unnecessary but I think it made a big impact)
2 packages Paper Bag Text Weight paper for labels from Paper Source- $5.00
1 package Removable 1″ Stickers from Amazon- $5.54
1 package Printable Business Cards in Ivory from Amazon- $15.63

Total: $1.29 per save the date. Not too bad when you consider all the elements that went into it.

Tools Used:

Tape runner from Paper Source – $5.95
Tape runner refill from Paper Source- $4.95
2 rolls Xyron Adhesive from Amazon- $23.70
Xyron Adhesive Eraser from Amazon- $2.98
Martha Stewart Edger Doily Lace from Amazon- $12.25
Martha Stewart Edger Eyelet Lace from TJ Maxx- $3.99
Raffia ribbon (already had but it would be about $5 to buy a bundle)

Total: 53.82
If you add this into the total cost for the save the dates, each save the date was $1.83


100 Garden of Love Stamps from $45.00 (includes shipping fee of $1.00- bought before price increase)

With postage, each save the date was $2.27

For comparison, the small magnets alone would be $1.19 a piece at Magnet Street, while the postcards would be about $1.39, and envelopes are about $0.25 a piece each making each similar save the date $2.83 before postage, $3.28 after postage. So I think I did pretty good, even factoring in the cost of the tools used, and the “extras” like the envelope liners.

All prices were per 100 save the dates. I had a lot of extras.
I’ve linked resources where I could, the price might not be the same as what I have listed. The price listed is what I paid.
Both the magnets and postcards were bought during one of Vistaprint’s famous sales. If you sign up for your mailing list you will frequently get offers for “free postcards” and “free magnets”- take advantage of these. I opted for the “standard shipping” which is quoted as being 3 weeks, this was not the case with me (I got my save postcards and magnets in a little over a week), but it is something you might want to keep in mind when ordering from them. Overall I was very impressed with the quality of both the magnet and the postcards for what I paid- not the world’s best by any means but more than adequate for my purposes.

And since you made it through all of that, how about a picture of Youk on the bookcase to brighten your day…

Do you find budget breakdowns helpful? Were your Save the Dates a reasonable cost? Did you DIY them or buy them?

Save the Date: Magnet Evolution

While the postcard didn’t undergo too many revisions, the magnet was another story. I thought it might be interesting to see the development from where I started to where we ended up.

My first version was just the image of the barn with our names and the date.

My first drafts used modified versions of this image of the barn:


First draft

I thought it looked a little plain, so I added a heart (image found here and modified by me in Photoshop).

Better, but because of the business card size, the image was kind of stretched looking.

Tries numbers 3 and 4 used this image, modified by filters in photoshop:


Clearly things got a little messed up removing Mr. Fenway’s name and the date, but you get the idea.

At this point, I decided (and Mr. Fenway insisted) that actual images of the barn weren’t really the way to go. I loved bunting, and decided to go in that direction.

First draft of new idea. The bunting was creating using photoshop brushes from here and here, the bride and groom clipart found here.

I then tried changing up the color of the silhouette.

It was getting there, but I thought the background was a little too plain.

I used heavily modified versions of the photo below in the rest of my drafts.


without the silhouette

Final design, after moving the barn background image and playing with the colors of the barn and sillouette.

So there you have it, my process for designing the magnets. I know I am no graphic artist, but I was pretty happy with the way they turned out. I liked the subtle nod to the venue and that I incorporated Mr. Fenway’s silhouette request in a subtler way as well.

What do you think? Did you go through several drafts on elements of your Save the Dates (I just can’t seem to bring myself to call them STDs)?

* All images personal unless otherwise noted

Save the date assembly

The first thing I did, long before assembling the Save the Dates, was line the envelopes.  I got the envelopes and paper from Paper Source, and my friend was kind enough to let me borrow her envelope liner templates.

I just traced the template onto the back of the decrative paper.  The best tip I have for this is that you do not need to use the full liner.  I made light pencil marks on the template to mark just past where the opening of the envelope hit.
You can see the “extra” part of the template that I didn’t use here.

Envelope liners cut out.

I then just used double sided tape (tape roller in this case) to attach the top portion.
Tip: don’t tape the bottom down since you will want flexibility for actually folding the envelope.

I used my bone folder for nice, crisp lines.


A fully lined envelope.

When our Save the Date postcards and magnets arrived from vistaprint, they looked like this:

oooh, ahh, a box of random paper…

Save the date assembly station- envelopes, magnets, zots, cards and stickers,

It was easy to assemble these, I just attached the stickers to the back with a re positionable zot glue dot.


I also used the glue dot to attach the magnet to the front of the Save the date.

That was pretty much it, then we just punched holes in the accommodation cards and tied them on with Raffia ribbon.  This was done by Mr. Fenway and I while catching up on our Sunday night HBO shows.   Once the Accommodations card was added, the Save the Dates were stuffed into the envelopes, sealed and then labled with the label which had gone through the Zyron machine.  After all were labeled, I went through each card and Mr. Fenway marked it on our spreadsheet so we knew who we had sent the save the dates too and made sure we hadn’t missed anyone (this was a great check because we had missed two people when I made the addresses).

Overall, it probably took a few hours to assemble everything, but it was done over multiple days (and months as it turns out) so it was never all that bad.  This would be a great project to enlist help from friends with though, as an assembly line could totally make this fly by.  I liked the fact that I had something to do while watching the Walking Dead though so I actually preferred to do it myself since I had the time too (yes, I am such a baby that I need a distraction during that show- I don’t do well with horror movies, I’m more of a Downton Abbey rather than Walking Dead kind of girl- but I do like both shows).

Anyone else assemble invitations over a long period of time?  Do you have to distract yourself while watching a TV show?

Save the Dates Revealed

After taking into account our inspiration, I finalized a design and had the postcards and magnets printed through Vistaprint during one of their infamous 100 free postcard sales (full cost breakdown coming soon). I printed the “accommodations” cards at home on Avery double sided business cards in Ivory and tied them on with some Raffia ribbon I had left over from Christmas presents.

The first thing our guests saw was our lovely wrap around labels, adapted from the Martha Stewart template here to use the fonts I had used on our Save the Dates. Would anyone have noticed if we just used the Martha fonts- probably not. But I like to make extra work. I deigned our labels in Photoshop so no mail merge for me. Guests received one of two label styles:

Lace punched labels

Eyelet lace labels

I LOVED the sparkeleyness of our Copper envelopes

They then opened the envelopes (carefully of course) and got to appreciate our lovely envelope liners.

Sidenote: it is kind of redic how long it took us to pick out the paper for our envelope liners. Such a little detail, who knew the debates it would cause between Mr. Fenway and me!

When our guests removed our Accommodations card (which directed them to our wedding website for additional options on the back side), they saw our lovely magnet which was attached to the Save the Date postcard by removable Zots glue dots.
Note: I am not sure how many people figured out this IS a magnet. I probably should have labeled it better or made it more obvious in some way.

When they removed the magnet (if they figured that out), there was a simple calendar showcasing our date hidden behind it.

On the back of the postcard was a small note with three stickers for calendars. There was also a note directing guests to our wedding website at the bottom of the postcard.

Should guests want to remove the stickers, the date was printed behind them. This also served as a guide for me when placing the stickers on. As you can see, the glue dot left it slightly discolored. This might not happen if you assemble them close to when you send the out, but I had the stickers attached to the cards for about two months before sending, just something to keep in mind.

Note: Fonts used in the Save the Date were Jane Austen (which I may or may not have picked purely because of the name) and Typewriterhand, both available from

And there you have it, our save the dates. What do you think? Did you incorporate a lot of ideas into your save the dates?

And, just for fun, a close up image of the magnet design:

(Original design)


*All images personal

Save the Date Inspiration

Now that the Save the Dates are done, and I know most people have gotten them, I wanted to share the inspiration I used.

There are so many great Save the Date options out there, I had a hard time narrowing down what aspects I wanted to include and which ones I did not.  I designed the STDs (yes, that still seems wrong but I’m going with it) before we chose our colors so I went with a “fallish” color scheme that I hoped would work.

Without further adieu, here are some of the Save the Date ideas that I loved.


I loved the lace detail on these wrap around labels.

Source: via Erin Breen on Pinterest

I really liked the idea of including stickers for people to put on their calendars.


The heart over the date on these STDs was a great detail that was a must have for me.

Mr. Fenway requested a silhouette be included in our STD design and the bride and groom silhouette was so cute I had to agree it was a good idea.

Where did you find your inspiration for your save the dates? Did your significant other give you an idea that changed the way you designed your save the dates?

Valentine’s Day Musings

So I know that most couples seem to be all about Valentine’s day- especially if it is their only “engaged” Valentine’s day, but we are not most couples. In fact, Mr. Fenway and I do not celebrate Valentine’s day at all. We actually both kind of forgot it was today, and then may or may not have speculated if all the PDAs we saw this morning on our walk to work (aka couples holding hands) were a result of the holiday or just what they normally did. Mr. Fenway told me he loved me today, but that is not out of the ordinary at all, as we say that to each other every day. We both feel that we should tell each other not only that we love each other every day, but try to take some time to tell the other person why we love them, what particular things really make us happy about the other person (my laundry habits would not make Mr. Fenway’s list of things he loves about me, but him always helping me with my laundry would make my list, for example).

Mr. Fenway shows his love for me in small ways every day  Sometimes, he will give me small “gifts” to brighten my day. Yesterday, for example, he got me a red velvet cupcake, my favorite, just because.

mmm cupcakey goodness

But it’s not the gifts that matter, it’s just the effort to remind each other every day why we love each other and why we choose to be together, even when it’s hard, and even when one of us (me) is way to messy for the other.  So while we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, I can appreciate the sentiment behind taking a moment to really acknowledge the love you have for your partner and why you choose them.


Even though we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, we do celebrate another holiday which is popular, but not for showing how much you love each other.

Here’s a hint at “our” holiday:


How do you and your Significant Other try to remind each other of  why you love each other?

Bonus Question: Do you and your Significant Other celebrate any “alternative” holidays?