Inspiration at Paper Source

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t inspired each and every time I walked into Paper Source, and that inspiration usually involves me pulling out my wallet and purchasing said items.  This time, I was able to somewhat restrain myself (I did buy some more paper in our colors, couldn’t walk out without anything after all!) and just looked at inspiration.


*all photos from my iPhone- please forgive the poor quality.

20120209-191519.jpgPaper Crowns- how fun for a photobooth!


This is pretty obvious, but still cool to keep in mind for ideas for photobooth props



Love the idea of paper hearts hanging down- maybe for a ceremony space?  If these were our colors I totally would have bought this 🙂


Love the mix of hearts and buttons, and the mix of colored paper, kraft paper and bakers twine- just lovely!


I think a paper heart guitar could be an amazing photo booth prop!


As could a paper heart saxophone- fun!

Do you find inspiration while shopping? Can you resist the allures of paper source? If so, can you tell me how?  My  wallet and Mr. Fenway would probably appreciate it 🙂

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