Will you BEE my valentine

This year, I participated in the WeddingBee Valentine’s day card swap for the first time.

I had so much fun thinking about what I would do for my card and any extra “goodies” that I could give to my swap partners. I settled on something fairly simple, but I hope that those receiving it liked it!

I was inspired by 3-D Valentine Heart Card on the Creative Place– ok, I followed the tutorial almost to a T!

Here’s what I used:

(heart punch, scrapbook paper, flat cards in Opal from Paper source, text weight paper in Pink from paper source)
* I did not mean to purchase the flat cards, I thought I had bought the folded ones, but I made it work since I was too lazy to go out and exchange them for the right type of cards.

I basically followed the turorial and cut out way more hearts than I needed- I thought I would fit 3 per line but it turns out 2 per line looked much better. After playing around with the placement and patterns, I glued down my base hearts.

Then I sewed on the “matching” hearts to make the card “3D”

I designed the inside of the card in Adobe InDesign, my first time using that program. The hardest part for me was drawing the “swirly” (yes, that’s the technical term) from the bee to the heart.

Card made with Feel script font- doesn’t it just scream Valentine’s!

I thought it needed some glitz so I stamped a bronze heart on each of the red hearts. I am not sure that that was the best idea…

I had decided to include plantable wildflower hearts as my “gift” to each of my swap partners, but I wanted to put them in something cute. I made mini envelops following the tutorial at the Paper Source website, and I think they came out really cute!

Each of the mini-envelopes was lined with pink glitter paper. You can’t go wrong with pink glitter paper on Valentine’s day.

And each mini envelope was filled with two plantable hearts (in light and dark pink of course) with instructions on how to plant and care for the wildflowers.

All together now:

I had so much fun working on this project and I hope that my “partners” enjoy their cards and flowers!


Have you ever participated in a card swap?  Do you make your own Valentine’s cards?

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