Valentine’s Day Musings

So I know that most couples seem to be all about Valentine’s day- especially if it is their only “engaged” Valentine’s day, but we are not most couples. In fact, Mr. Fenway and I do not celebrate Valentine’s day at all. We actually both kind of forgot it was today, and then may or may not have speculated if all the PDAs we saw this morning on our walk to work (aka couples holding hands) were a result of the holiday or just what they normally did. Mr. Fenway told me he loved me today, but that is not out of the ordinary at all, as we say that to each other every day. We both feel that we should tell each other not only that we love each other every day, but try to take some time to tell the other person why we love them, what particular things really make us happy about the other person (my laundry habits would not make Mr. Fenway’s list of things he loves about me, but him always helping me with my laundry would make my list, for example).

Mr. Fenway shows his love for me in small ways every day  Sometimes, he will give me small “gifts” to brighten my day. Yesterday, for example, he got me a red velvet cupcake, my favorite, just because.

mmm cupcakey goodness

But it’s not the gifts that matter, it’s just the effort to remind each other every day why we love each other and why we choose to be together, even when it’s hard, and even when one of us (me) is way to messy for the other.  So while we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, I can appreciate the sentiment behind taking a moment to really acknowledge the love you have for your partner and why you choose them.


Even though we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, we do celebrate another holiday which is popular, but not for showing how much you love each other.

Here’s a hint at “our” holiday:


How do you and your Significant Other try to remind each other of  why you love each other?

Bonus Question: Do you and your Significant Other celebrate any “alternative” holidays?

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