Save the Dates Revealed

After taking into account our inspiration, I finalized a design and had the postcards and magnets printed through Vistaprint during one of their infamous 100 free postcard sales (full cost breakdown coming soon). I printed the “accommodations” cards at home on Avery double sided business cards in Ivory and tied them on with some Raffia ribbon I had left over from Christmas presents.

The first thing our guests saw was our lovely wrap around labels, adapted from the Martha Stewart template here to use the fonts I had used on our Save the Dates. Would anyone have noticed if we just used the Martha fonts- probably not. But I like to make extra work. I deigned our labels in Photoshop so no mail merge for me. Guests received one of two label styles:

Lace punched labels

Eyelet lace labels

I LOVED the sparkeleyness of our Copper envelopes

They then opened the envelopes (carefully of course) and got to appreciate our lovely envelope liners.

Sidenote: it is kind of redic how long it took us to pick out the paper for our envelope liners. Such a little detail, who knew the debates it would cause between Mr. Fenway and me!

When our guests removed our Accommodations card (which directed them to our wedding website for additional options on the back side), they saw our lovely magnet which was attached to the Save the Date postcard by removable Zots glue dots.
Note: I am not sure how many people figured out this IS a magnet. I probably should have labeled it better or made it more obvious in some way.

When they removed the magnet (if they figured that out), there was a simple calendar showcasing our date hidden behind it.

On the back of the postcard was a small note with three stickers for calendars. There was also a note directing guests to our wedding website at the bottom of the postcard.

Should guests want to remove the stickers, the date was printed behind them. This also served as a guide for me when placing the stickers on. As you can see, the glue dot left it slightly discolored. This might not happen if you assemble them close to when you send the out, but I had the stickers attached to the cards for about two months before sending, just something to keep in mind.

Note: Fonts used in the Save the Date were Jane Austen (which I may or may not have picked purely because of the name) and Typewriterhand, both available from

And there you have it, our save the dates. What do you think? Did you incorporate a lot of ideas into your save the dates?

And, just for fun, a close up image of the magnet design:

(Original design)


*All images personal

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