Save the date assembly

The first thing I did, long before assembling the Save the Dates, was line the envelopes.  I got the envelopes and paper from Paper Source, and my friend was kind enough to let me borrow her envelope liner templates.

I just traced the template onto the back of the decrative paper.  The best tip I have for this is that you do not need to use the full liner.  I made light pencil marks on the template to mark just past where the opening of the envelope hit.
You can see the “extra” part of the template that I didn’t use here.

Envelope liners cut out.

I then just used double sided tape (tape roller in this case) to attach the top portion.
Tip: don’t tape the bottom down since you will want flexibility for actually folding the envelope.

I used my bone folder for nice, crisp lines.


A fully lined envelope.

When our Save the Date postcards and magnets arrived from vistaprint, they looked like this:

oooh, ahh, a box of random paper…

Save the date assembly station- envelopes, magnets, zots, cards and stickers,

It was easy to assemble these, I just attached the stickers to the back with a re positionable zot glue dot.


I also used the glue dot to attach the magnet to the front of the Save the date.

That was pretty much it, then we just punched holes in the accommodation cards and tied them on with Raffia ribbon.  This was done by Mr. Fenway and I while catching up on our Sunday night HBO shows.   Once the Accommodations card was added, the Save the Dates were stuffed into the envelopes, sealed and then labled with the label which had gone through the Zyron machine.  After all were labeled, I went through each card and Mr. Fenway marked it on our spreadsheet so we knew who we had sent the save the dates too and made sure we hadn’t missed anyone (this was a great check because we had missed two people when I made the addresses).

Overall, it probably took a few hours to assemble everything, but it was done over multiple days (and months as it turns out) so it was never all that bad.  This would be a great project to enlist help from friends with though, as an assembly line could totally make this fly by.  I liked the fact that I had something to do while watching the Walking Dead though so I actually preferred to do it myself since I had the time too (yes, I am such a baby that I need a distraction during that show- I don’t do well with horror movies, I’m more of a Downton Abbey rather than Walking Dead kind of girl- but I do like both shows).

Anyone else assemble invitations over a long period of time?  Do you have to distract yourself while watching a TV show?

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