Money Money Money: DIY Save the Date Cost Breakdown

Ah the fun part, figuring out what everything cost (just kidding).

The budget breakdown for our Save the Dates was as follows:

100 Standard Postcards (2-sided, both in color, with custom design each side) from Vistaprint- $28.52 (included design fee and standard shipping)
100 Magnets from Vistaprint – $28.54 (included design fee and shipping)
100 (4 packages) Shimmer Copper A2 Envelopes from Paper Source – $12.50 (I used a $25 gift certificate towards this, without it the price would have been $37.50)
250 Zots removable glue dots from Paper Source – $7.90 (I still have tons of these left. They are sold in bags of 125 and I needed 200 (2/card)
5 sheets Gold on Chocolate Mums paper for Envelope liners from Paper Source- $24.75 (totally unnecessary but I think it made a big impact)
2 packages Paper Bag Text Weight paper for labels from Paper Source- $5.00
1 package Removable 1″ Stickers from Amazon- $5.54
1 package Printable Business Cards in Ivory from Amazon- $15.63

Total: $1.29 per save the date. Not too bad when you consider all the elements that went into it.

Tools Used:

Tape runner from Paper Source – $5.95
Tape runner refill from Paper Source- $4.95
2 rolls Xyron Adhesive from Amazon- $23.70
Xyron Adhesive Eraser from Amazon- $2.98
Martha Stewart Edger Doily Lace from Amazon- $12.25
Martha Stewart Edger Eyelet Lace from TJ Maxx- $3.99
Raffia ribbon (already had but it would be about $5 to buy a bundle)

Total: 53.82
If you add this into the total cost for the save the dates, each save the date was $1.83


100 Garden of Love Stamps from $45.00 (includes shipping fee of $1.00- bought before price increase)

With postage, each save the date was $2.27

For comparison, the small magnets alone would be $1.19 a piece at Magnet Street, while the postcards would be about $1.39, and envelopes are about $0.25 a piece each making each similar save the date $2.83 before postage, $3.28 after postage. So I think I did pretty good, even factoring in the cost of the tools used, and the “extras” like the envelope liners.

All prices were per 100 save the dates. I had a lot of extras.
I’ve linked resources where I could, the price might not be the same as what I have listed. The price listed is what I paid.
Both the magnets and postcards were bought during one of Vistaprint’s famous sales. If you sign up for your mailing list you will frequently get offers for “free postcards” and “free magnets”- take advantage of these. I opted for the “standard shipping” which is quoted as being 3 weeks, this was not the case with me (I got my save postcards and magnets in a little over a week), but it is something you might want to keep in mind when ordering from them. Overall I was very impressed with the quality of both the magnet and the postcards for what I paid- not the world’s best by any means but more than adequate for my purposes.

And since you made it through all of that, how about a picture of Youk on the bookcase to brighten your day…

Do you find budget breakdowns helpful? Were your Save the Dates a reasonable cost? Did you DIY them or buy them?

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2 comments on “Money Money Money: DIY Save the Date Cost Breakdown

  1. sydney says:

    I looked on vistaprint and no where could I find 100 magnets for 28.54….

    • Breen says:

      If you sign up for their e-mails, Vistaprint frequently offers deals of things like 100 free postcards, 100 free magnets, etc. I ordered during one of these deals for 100 free magnets and just paid the design fee and shipping. My best advice is to sign up for the mailings and keep an eye out for free deals if you have some time to wait.

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