Hotel Arrangements- to block or not to block?

We knew that having our wedding during THE tourist month for that part of the state would make fining accommodations challenging for our guests. As such, we started the hotel blocking process early. Like really early. Like August of 2011 for our October 2012 wedding early. And it is a good thing we did, because even with a 14 month head start, we only managed to get one hotel to block off 30 rooms for us and our 180 person guest list. As of March, less than 10 rooms remain in this block so our guests have been very good about taking our advice and booking early.

The hotel we blocked rooms at was very responsive and accommodating. Another hotel I was working with was neither of these things, and was a part of why our Save the Dates went out later than I intended.

I made up an “Accommodations” card that went out with our Save the Dates indicating the hotel where we blocked the rooms as well as directing guests to our website for additional options.

Accommodation Card attached to Save the date

Of course, we couldn’t just provide one hotel, so I research a number of other hotels in the immediate area and put links and contact information on our website, along with additional information that I hope will prove helpful like warnings for added travel time and possible construction.

Screen shot from our website

Now it is out of our hands (though I must admit I nearly forgot to book our own room at the discounted hotel block rate- glad I remembered before they were all gone!).

Was blocking your hotels an easier or harder process than you imagined? How did you let your guests know about your room blocks (if you had one) or other hotels in the area?

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