Two Best Men are Better Than One

I read this post today on Beantown Bride and it reminded me that I haven’t discussed Mr. Fenway’s groomsmen situation yet. We decided early on that we wanted a small bridal party. My decision was easy, my sister, his sister, done and done. His decision was slightly more complicated.

Mr. Fenway has a lot of close friends and he worries a lot about what other people are thinking and wants to make sure to do his best not to offend anyone (it’s one of the things I love best about him). Since we had decided to do a smallish bridal party, he knew that he would have to make some choices and that only his closest friends would be standing up next to him.

Mr. Fenway has two friends that he has remained closer to than others, and he knew he couldn’t decide between them who would be his “best man,” so he is having both act as co-best men (as you could probably guess from the title of this post). I never for a second considered this an inconvenience or worried about how it would look if I had a maid of honor and he had two best men, but I can see how it could be logistically challenging, especially if you had a larger bridal party or a more formal wedding. For our rather laid-back affair though, it is perfect.

I think it will be interesting to see how the Bachelor party/weekend pans out as one of his best men is a true planner and the other doesn’t like to plan things at all (often booking flights for events at the very last second) so seeing the two of them come up with something together should be interesting.

Plus, there will be two best-men speeches at the wedding now- and since those are one of my favorite parts of the reception I couldn’t be happier. They are both stand up guys and they, along with our officiant who is also serving as a groomsman, will make great groomsmen for Mr. Fenway.


Mr. Fenway and his co-bestmen at a Red Sox Game

Are you having multiple best-men/maid(ron)s of honor, etc.?

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One comment on “Two Best Men are Better Than One

  1. Carol says:

    Erin, Joey had 2 best men or rather 2 groomsmen (preferring not to designate either or both for expected roles, but letting them figure it out). One did most of the wonderful toast with the other (shy about public speaking) adding a couple of lines before raising glasses. They were simply listed in the program as ‘The Groomsmen’ which was fine. They had a maid of honor and a bridesmaid (Sandy), who were listed as such.

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