Inspire Me with Flowers

I have always loved mixed bouquets, and would request them for major events like graduations and recitals (back when I did dance) when I used to get them from my parents. I still love them. Those bridal bouquets of all one flower, while very elegant, are not for me.

Here are some of my current inspirations for bouquets:

I love the fiddleheads in this bouquet- not really what we are going for with the rest of the bouquet however.

I love the rustic, fally look of this one

So pretty

I love the burlap wrapped stems with what looks like bailing twine- I could totally swipe some of that from my father

I like the idea of lavender for the bridesmaids, maybe mixed in with some other flowers

Though we “booked” a florist already, I haven’t met with her yet. It’s been fun gathering up some inspiration pictures though and I am excited to see what she can come up with based on my ideas (and our budget). I’ll share my floral centerpiece ideas next.

Was your bouquet inspiration all over the place (like mine) or did you have a clear idea of what you wanted right from the start?

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