Inspire me with centerpiece ideas

I showed my bouquet inspiration and now, as promised, my centerpiece inspiration. A few facts first. Flowers, while pretty, are not that important to me in terms of our wedding budget. We have budgeted about 4% of our total budget for centerpieces and bouquets and hopefully that will be more than enough to get us some pretties for our table. I had considered doing something more inexpensive (but still pretty) like candles, but since our venue is a historic building candles are prohibited so that idea was out pretty fast. Here are some of the centerpiece ideas I am currently considering:

Pumpkins as centerpiece vases




My favorite pumpkin centerpiece idea

Squash as vases works too


I also love these pumpkins, maybe with LED lights inside:


And I really love the idea of including a subtle book page flower into each of the arrangements


Are you incorporating any vegetables/fruit into your centerpieces? How about book pages?

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One comment on “Inspire me with centerpiece ideas

  1. Carol says:

    Love the white pumpkins and white gourds as containers, but they could be more costly. Rich fall colors in mixed bouquets reflecting your bridesmaids’ gowns color including the meaningful book page flower would be striking. Book page flowers made from select pages of your favorite books would be a DIY project this elf could definitely help with (have done green wire outlined fabric petal flowers before). Would have to be a summer project to get them ready for your flower lady in time. Fall-colored mixed flowers would be cheaper than single type flower bouquets for 2 reasons: you use flowers available at the time of year (lavender is not), and less expensive but still beautiful flowers fill out the bouquet nicely. Love the pod-like fall look in some of your floral inspirations. Lovely merlot shade dahlias and mums are available in Oct. pretty readily.

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