Fit Fenways

Mr. Fenway and I have officially started Phase One of our wedding live healthier and try to loose weight plan (because it is so not a diet). We will step things up to Phase Two if more drastic measures are needed. Phase One basically involves living like we normally do with an increase in exercise for me (since Mr. Fenway already walks over 4 miles a day and I only walk about 2 miles in my commute to work), with cutting out some things like alcoholic drinks on weekends only, limited snacks, meals that are not as healthy being featured less often, and better portion control. Phase Two would involve changing more of our recipes/meals and stepping up our exercise more drastically. While both of us feel like we would be fine if we stayed the same for the wedding, we would like to be healthier and ideally each of us would like to loose a few pounds, we’ll see how that goal goes.

First step for me was joining, a free calorie counting website. I always feel more accountable if I keep track of everything I eat. We’ll see how well it works as things progress, but so far I am happy with the ease of use and the accountability factor.


Now I just need to step up that exercise plan. And get some batteries for our scale so I can actually tell if I am losing any weight or not. And maybe a tape measure… Hmm there are a lot of things we seem to be missing- must remedy that!

I will be sure to check in on the first Monday of every month and let you know how things are going.

Have you joined any sites to keep you accountable and help you with any weight loss plans? Did you and your significant other plan Phases for your healthier lifestyle plans or did you just jump in to a drastically different weight loss plan?

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