Spotify my wedding

As I mentioned, we are having an “iPod” wedding. One of the best ways I have found to start prepping for this, even so many months out, is to put together playlists on Spotify. Spotify is a free music library that can incorporate songs that are already on your computer along with millions of tracks from major recording artists. Spotify has proved enormously helpful to me in starting to think about what songs we want played for the different parts of our wedding. I have playlists for potential entrance music, potential first dance, potential dinner/cocktail music, potential cake cutting music and potential wedding dance music. I put anything that I might remotely be interested into these lists, and then periodically Mr. Fenway and I will go through the lists and cull based on any changes we have on our personal preferences or any music requests we may have received from our guests.


Screen Shot of part of my Spotify potential wedding cocktail/dinner playlist

I also love that it has the social media connection, so my mother (and anyone else who wants) can listen to our playlist and hopefully get psyched up for all the awesome music we are sure to have.

Once we have all of “our” songs finalized, we will make sure we have them all downloaded and put into the appropriate iTunes playlists. This definitely helps to save us some money and time buy not having to purchase every “maybe” song, and only having to acquire the songs we actually plan on using.

Do you/did you use any free music libraries to figure out what songs you wanted to play at your wedding?

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