A Ring Story

So I have shown my ring a bit in my proposal post, but the other night I decided to do a little ring shoot and realized I hadn’t shared the story of my ring. My ring was a family heirloom which I love. One of my mother’s favorite aunts left her the ring, and she had it in a safe deposit box for years. My mother decided that she wanted to get some use out of it though so she took it out of the safe deposit box and would wear it occasionally. When my parent’s house was broken into and robbed a few years ago, this ring was one of the few pieces of jewelry to survive the robbery (along with my mother’s pearls, her wedding rings and her mother’s wedding ring were sadly stolen however, and never recovered) so it is kind of impressive that it even existed as an option. My mother had offered it to Scott, and when he saw it he knew that it was the right option for me and that none of the other rings he was looking at would compare, both in terms of the ring itself and the sentimental value. After Mr. Fenway so sweetly proposed with the ring, I took it to a jewelry shop near my parents that specializes in antique/estate jewelry (though they also make some of their own pieces), and had it sized down a half size and Rhodium dipped and cleaned. It looked even more amazing after that and it was great to have the jewlers check all the prongs to ensure that the setting was strong.

So without further ado, here are some of pics of my ring in all its sparkly glory.


On the Ted Williams signed baseball that Mr. Fenway has



Side stones



On Founder’s Curmudgeon’s Better Half bottle, we joked that this was referring to me as Mr. Fenway can be a bit curmudgeonly sometimes

With some of my favorite beer caps in our collection, including Pretty Things, a local microbrewery


Do you have a family heirloom ring or a ring with a history behind it?
Did you have a “glamor shot” session with your ring?

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