Topping the Cake

I hadn’t really thought all that much about our cake toppers to this point, but I am happy that we have them and it is yet another thing to cross off the list.

Initially, I had thought about topping our lovely cake with a bulldog cake topper, reminiscent of our lovely Youkie.

Youkie with Wally, the Green monster

(on Etsy, from seller the republic of cute)

However, when I saw a contest on Beantown bride for a customized red sox topper, I couldn’t resist entering. The red sox have been such a huge part of our relationship, from our first date at Beer Works right outside the park to our many trips to Fenway Park to watch the games there.

Skating at Fenway Park, 2010

with the Ted Williams Seat, 2009

Waiting in line for the red sox world series, 2007

Just a few of our many Fenway/Red Sox pics…

Amazingly, our story was the winning entry and the other day, these fabulous cake toppers from Happy Abby (who has a shop on Etsy) arrived in the mail. I of course had a mini photoshoot with our new lovely cake toppers.

I loved the awesome packaging

front shot

Back shot

side/ring shot

And speaking of ring shots, I took a few more with my engagement ring, just for fun.

Abby was super great to work with, asking for a photo of both of us to work off of and doing an incredible job of personalizing our little toppers to look so much like us. They are the perfect size for our planned groomscake too (more on that later). I am so happy with them and I think they are even more “us” than the bulldog toppers would have been.

Have you ever ended up with something totally different from your initial vision on something?

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